9/26 Patch Notes Summary

A new update in Blue Archive has arrived, with a sizeable download size. This is due to the amount of new content and current content revamp that the update brings. This article is here to walk you through the more notable ones.

New Year's Rhapsody No.68 rerun

The current event is a rerun of a past one, which is New Year's Rhapsody No.68. We won't go into too much detail about it here, and instead redirect you to the event guide.

Mission 22 Update

A new mission has opened up with brand new stages. Said stages drop the new tier of equipment, which is T8. It may be worth considering in doing especially when x2 drop bonus comes in.

For Hard Stages, one may obtain Shimiko, Kirino, and Hibiki elephs.

Extra Stages

Certain past stages will have an extra stage added to them. These stages are 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, and 21. They are notable for being stages where you can farm the recently added artifacts Okiku Doll and Atlantis Medal.

These stages are pure battle stages and have no map segments to speak of.

Bounty and Scrimmage Ticket Unification

All tickets for both Bounties and Scrimmages have been unified for a universal ticket that can be used in either of the 3 options. Back then, you only had 2 tickets per option, but now every Sensei will be given 6 tickets daily to be spent in whichever node they wish.

Scrimmages themselves haven't changed at all, as they still drop the same materials as before.

Bounties have been modified a bit, however. Originally, Blu-Rays, Tech Notes and Artifacts were separated by the node, but now each node has a bit of everything: Blu-Rays for some academies, Tech Notes for some academies, and some artifacts. This means you can focus on a certain node more if you need a specific material for student growth.

Overpass materials: Gehenna, Shanhaijing, and Valkyrie Blu-Rays and Tech Notes. Haniwa, Aether, Nebra, and Nimrud Artifacts.

Desert Railroad materials: Hyakkiyakko, Trinity, and Arius Blu-Rays and Tech Notes. Haniwa, Antikythera, Phaistos, and Mandrake Artifacts.

Classroom materials: Red Winter, Abydos, and Millennium Blu-Rays and Tech Notes. Haniwa, Rohonc, Voynich, and Wolfsegg Artifacts.

Event Recap

Any past events that have rerun at least once will eventually be added to the event recap section. The only accessible stages here will be story stages, and Senseis will have the opportunity to obtain any students that they may have missed the first time the event ran. They will be there permanently.

As of now, it is locked. The first event recap, Cherry Blossom Festival Commotion, will be unlocked on 10/10.

Guide Task Recap

The guide task tab shows past missions with corresponding rewards. These can be accessed and completed at any time when they become available. They will also be permanent.

Preset Layouts

The cafe now has a preset layout, allowing you to autodecorate your cafe if you can spare the furniture for it.

Voice Gallery

Students now have an option added where you can listen to their voice lines.

New Lesson Area: D.U. Shiratori City

In the Lessons tab, the D.U. Shiratori City area is now available for lessons.

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