An Unconcealed Heart Challenge Stage 4

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General Strategy

To simplify things, we have color coded the teams to help players keep track of the arrows shown below.

Yellow Arrow = Team 1 Piercing boss team

Red Arrow = Team 2 Explosive

Blue Arrow = Team 3 Mystic

Turn 1 

Team 1, 2, and 3: There isn’t really much to do in turn 1 other than move all the teams towards the left side..

Turn 2 

Team 3: To start this turn, move team 3 first to ensure that the enemy Tsubaki does not attack team 1.

Team 1
: After team 3 has successfully defeated Tsubaki, move team 1 to the left side.

Team 2: In a similar fashion, move team 2 towards the enemy Pina to the leff.

Turn 3

Team 3: Move one tile up beside team 1.

Team 2:Move one tile down beside team 3.

Team 1: After both team 2 and 3 have been moved to their respective tiles, you can then swap positions with them leading you right in front of the boss. You then want to move to the right to ensure the boss aggros towards team 1.

Team Building

For stage 4, 3 teams are required to clear the stage with 3*. Team 1 will be your bossing and Piercing team. This means you will want to bring along AoE and Single-Target damage dealers, as they will still be dealing with trash mobs. For team 2, this team should mainly consist of Explosive AoE damage dealers. Finally, Team 3 will want to have AoE Mystic damage dealers and a Single Target if you are struggling to defeat Tsubaki.

Character Recommendation

Note that characters listed here are only some of the viable options

Piercing AoE:

Nonomi,Junko,Momoi,Midori,Cherino,Aru (New Year),Iori

Mystic AoE:

Haruna,Chise,Iroha,Koyuki,Mutsuki (New Year),Aris,Shiroko (Cycling)

Explosive AoE:

Aru,Hina,Akari,Mutsuki,Hina (Swimsuit),Haruna (New Year)

General Supports:

Fuuka (New Year),Kotama,Himari,Ako,Shizuko (Swimsuit),Hoshino (Swimsuit),Ui


Serina,Nodoka (Hot Spring),Koharu,Mari (Track),Kokona



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