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Blue Archive Shop Guide

As you continue raising your students, you may find yourself lacking in some crucial materials that can help in making your students even stronger. The shop found in the game lobby is there to help alleviate some of your students’ needs by giving you access to a wide variety of materials. This guide is here to help assist you through the different tabs of the shop as well as what materials are notable and are recommended to buy.


Normal Shop

Different types of items can be found here, such as tickets for additional attempts for Bounties, Lessons, and Scrimmages, Activity Reports, Enhancement Stones, and artifacts.

The tickets should be completely ignored. The fact that they cost Pyroxenes makes it completely not worth it when you could spend them elsewhere.

Activity Reports should also not be touched, unless you are absolutely desperate to level up your students immediately as the credit cost for them is not worth it. You will be getting a lot of these through events and Total Assault rewards.

Enhancement Stones can be purchased. However, only purchase the Lesser Enhancement Stone and Normal Enhancement Stones everyday. These are low priority as you will be getting them through events and Total Assault rewards as well. Only purchase the higher tier stones if you are running low and need to upgrade a piece of equipment instantly.

The materials boxed in red are the artifacts that should be bought. The lineup changes every day.

Artifacts are found at the bottom and come in a group of four. You want to buy them every day when you can, these are the materials that are absolutely worth it in this shop.

The normal shop refreshes everyday on its own. There is an option to refresh it, but it costs 40 pyros, then 60, and finally 80 for a total of 3 refreshes. Still, it is recommended to not refresh the shop at all.

Eligma I

Eligma I

This is likely where most, if not all, of your eligmas will be going to. This shop will have a list of all students you own where you can exchange eligmas for their elephs.

Remember to use your eligma wisely and buy only what you need. Most people only spend eligmas on limited or unfarmable students. However, you may be able to consider spending a couple eligmas on other students if you think it will give you that slight edge you need for whatever Total Assault is running that utilizes her.

Important to note: Each individual student’s eligma starts off costing 1 eligma per eleph, making it a 1:1 ratio. However, once you buy 20 elephs, the cost increases to 2 eligma per eleph. Once you buy 20 elephs of the same student again, the cost increases to 3, and so on, until it reaches the maximum which is 5 eligma per 1 student eleph after which it will permanently stay at 5 eligma per 1 student eleph.

Eligma II

Eligma II
Not worth it

Just like Eligma I, Eligma II serves as an exchange shop where you can exchange your eligmas for items. However, instead of student elephs, you are instead given the option to exchange for materials that are meant to upgrade your students’ unique weapon or skills.

Unfortunately, this shop rarely ever sees use among players that are not heavy spenders of the game, as the exchange rate of eligmas to materials is not very good at all, especially when the average player will likely be needing a lot of eligmas to increase the rarity of their students.

In other words, this shop tab can be completely ignored. The materials found in this tab can be farmed in different places like Bounty or events. You’re better off using your elephs for student eligmas instead.

Total Assault

Total Assault

This shop refreshes every time a new Total Assault raid begins, which is once every two weeks. Said raid is also where you will be able to obtain currency for this part of the shop. There are a lot of options here to use your raid coins, but don’t feel the need to buy as many things as you can (it’s impossible anyways).

Most people use this shop to buy both skill upgrade materials as well as student elephs that they might need for the next raid. In other words, use this shop to only buy what you need instead of buying in excess.

While the shop uses two types of coins (yellow and purple), both of them are obtainable from Total Assault. You get fewer purple coins, as they are mostly obtained in higher difficulties but can be used to purchase important student elephs of Azusa and Midori. In comparison, you can get more yellow coins, but will also need to be spread out over important students like Momoi, Kotama, Akane, and Maki as well as the skill upgrade materials.

Oh, and ignore the booster ticket at the very bottom. It’s a complete waste of coins.

Tactical Challenge

Tactical Challenge

Currency for this part of the shop is obtained through Tactical Challenge, the game’s dedicated PvP mode. The coins you gain from the mode can be spent here.

There are a good number of options to choose from, however, the only things you should pay attention to are the two Energy Drinks (AP) and the student elephs. Everything else is too expensive for their cost.

None of the student elephs in this shop are must-haves, but they have their niche uses. Buy them if you need them.

As for the Energy Drinks, they can help provide a boost for when you need to farm more, especially during x2 Normal/Hard mode drops or important events. If you are a new player and are not at max level, buying both Energy Drinks everyday can help boost your account further to close the gap to the maximum level.

Important to note: The PvP shop can be refreshed. However, unlike the Normal shop, this shop uses PvP coins instead. It costs 10 coins to refresh, and it can be done 3 times a day. If need be, you can refresh to repeatedly buy the energy drinks from the shop. You can get 360 additional AP per day for the cost of 210 PvP coins.

Joint Firing Drill

Joint Firing Drill

This shop refreshes whenever a new Joint Firing Drill event starts. Currency for this shop is also obtained from that mode.

The important items to take note of in this shop are the Secret Tech Notes and the Keystones, namely, the Superior Fusion Keystones and Advanced Fusion Keystones. The Fusion Keystones can be used in crafting to craft item choice boxes, which can be helpful to players that have an excess of certain items and instead want to convert them to other, usable items that they are lacking in.

As for the student elephs themselves, like with the elephs in the Tactical Challenge shop, the elephs for this shop are not must-haves. Buy them only if you need them.

The shop also has other artifacts for you to choose from if you need them. Other than the important ones mentioned above, buy what you need based on the coins you can get per drill.

Expert Permit

Expert Permit

The Expert Permit shop contains a wide variety of items like limited student elephs, credits, eligma, pins, and equipment blueprints.

Before you reach the maximum level of the game, the only way you can obtain expert permits is by completing the daily and weekly missions given to you by the game. While you are at that level, this shop is mostly ignored, until you get enough permits to potentially buy T4 equipment blueprints like bags for earlygame players, elephs of a limited student you own, some additional eligmas, or credits.

However, when you reach the maximum level, your flexibility for this shop increases dramatically. This is because after you reach the maximum level, you gain one permit per AP spent no matter where you spend it. Simply buy what you need.

Important note: Don’t buy character elephs from students that you do not currently own. Unlike permanent students, limited students CANNOT be crafted with elephs. You can only obtain them through their limited banners. If you’re aiming to get a limited student and can guarantee getting them (via a spark), then go ahead and buy their elephs ahead of time, otherwise don’t touch them.

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