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Bounty Stages are stages you can run daily. Their main importance is giving you Blu-Ray Disks (BD), tech notes, and artifacts to upgrade your students.

There are three types of stages available for you, each offering different materials. The top stages drop random Blu-Ray Disks for any school. The middle stages drop random tech notes for any school, while the bottom stages drop random artifacts.

The rarity of the materials that can be obtained is dependent on the stage that is finished. Higher stages will start dropping rarer and higher-tier materials, as well as increase their drop rate, so it is recommended to sweep these stages everyday for the free materials.

You will be given two tickets for each available stage daily. Newer players will likely still be clearing the lower level Bounty stages as well. It is recommended to sweep the highest difficulty Bounty stage that you have completed with 3 stars.

You can increase the amount of Bounty stage tickets you have by purchasing the Monthly package and Half Monthly package, which give an extra 2 and 1 tickets respectively. The Normal shop also sells Bounty tickets in exchange for Pyroxenes.

Bounty Shop

A new addition to the Bounty mode is the Bounty Shop. Here, you can exchange Bounty Coins for BDs, tech notes, and artifacts. Bounty coins are automatically obtained from clearing a stage and the amount obtained depends on the stage cleared. You get 1 coin for clearing stage A, and it increases by 1 coin as you ascend the stages, up to 9 coins for clearing stage I. The Bounty Shop refreshes every so often and changes what BDs, tech notes, and artifacts are available to be bought. Buy what you need from the shop when you have enough coins.

Stage Clearing

The stages are a bit lengthy compared to a regular Normal or Hard stage, but you are given more time to compensate. The bosses for these stages are the Sushirangers, and each Sushiranger has a weapon and skill that they specialize in. They can be distinguished by their unique color, weapon, as well as the sushi on top of their head.

SushirangerEX skill descriptionNotes

-Fires a series of shots
at a single student.
-Nothing noteworthy. Her EX just makes her do medium damage
against a single student.
-Low priority target.

-Fires a single powerful shot at a single student.-EX skill can deal significant damage even against tanks,
potentially killing them in a single hit.
-High priority target.

-Charges up for a bit, then fires a single powerful
shot at a student which then explodes and deals
Area of Effect damage to nearby students.
-EX skill can deal significant damage against both your tank
and nearby students.
-Takes a while to charge up and fire
their EX skill.
-Medium priority target.

-Fires a series of piercing shots that damages
all students in a line.
-EX skill can hit students behind your tanks.
-Highest priority target.

-Fires a single weak shot that debuffs the defense
of the target student.
-Relies on allies to do damage for her.
-Low priority target.

Some additional tips:

  • It is recommended to bring both Area of Effect and Single Target Red damage students as enemies that appear in this stage exclusively have Red armor. (A tiny exception exists for the last few stages, where Yellow armor enemies appear as well.) 
  • Pay attention to the Sushirangers. When they start posing and a speech bubble appears beside them. This is a sign that they are about to utilize their EX-skills.
    • They are not invincible while doing this, and can be interrupted by skills that can inflict stun or taunt. If you can, you may be able to even kill them in the middle of this action.
  • The Sushirangers are prone to retreating behind their allies after they take some damage. They will not heal from this, however, and will remain at the same health when encountered again in the stage.
    • Unless defeated, they may end up retreating all the way to the last wave, potentially making them difficult to deal with all at the same time.

Academy Damage Buffs

Each stage also has academy buffs, where bringing students from certain schools, whether Striker or Special types, gives your students bonus damage. Which school gives buffs is dependent on the stage itself.

Amount of students in the same schoolDamage bonus %

It is important to note, however, that the buffs are not cumulative. If you have two Trinity students (75% buff) for Desert Railroad, adding an Arius student will not increase the damage buff to 150%, but it will instead be a separate 25% damage buff while your Trinity students continue giving the 75% damage buff.

The damage buffs can help clearing the stage faster, but it should not come at the cost of the color of the students you should bring. A 75% damage buff composed of only Red damage students will still be more helpful than a 250% damage buff composed of only Yellow damage students. You can practice against the Bounty stages that are giving you trouble if you wish, as restarting or quitting will fully refund your attempt.

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