The cafe is an area that Senseis can visit to increase the affection of their students, gain bonus AP and credits, as well as let their creative juices run wild by decorating the place with furniture.

The cafe is unlocked after beating 2-1 in the campaign.


The cafe employs a housing system with a full 3D space that lets you place any type of furniture on the space given to you. This includes both floors and walls, as well as being able to change the wallpaper and flooring.

While Senseis will initially start with barely any furniture, they will have the opportunity to obtain more via certain means, such as through Crafting, obtaining them through Events via participation or in their shop, or by completing certain Achievements.

Certain pieces of furniture have unique student interactions with them, where they showcase unique animations when interacting with said furniture. If a certain piece of furniture is present and a student that utilizes said furniture arrives, they will automatically use it, which replaces them wandering around the cafe and saying things occasionally.


Cafe comfort is dictated by the amount of furniture in the cafe itself. The more furniture in the cafe, the higher the comfort level. This is important, as the cafe serves another purpose in giving bonus AP and Credits. The amount given by both is dependent on the comfort level of the cafe, so it is in every Sensei's best interest to raise as much of the cafe's comfort as possible, or possibly maxing the comfort level outright.

The maximum bonus comfort is capped at a low level initially, but the cap can be increased with a Cafe Facilities Core, which can be obtained from simply doing campaign missions. This is important, as the amount of comfort a cafe has determines the efficiency in which AP and Credits regenerate in the cafe.

Finally, bonus comfort can be obtained by having multiple types of furniture from the same set placed in the cafe.

Cafe Rank

The Cafe Rank can be increased with a Cafe Facilities Core. This item can be obtained from the Campaign. A Cafe Facilities Core can be found at the last mission for every 3 areas in the main campaign's Normal mode.

It is recommended to get Cafe Facilities Core to raise the cafe's rank as early as possible. As mentioned earlier, the higher the cafe rank, the better the efficiency of the AP and Credits it regenerates, assuming you have enough furniture to maximize the comfort.

Student Interactions

A random number of students will visit the cafe twice per day. Depending on the cafe rank, more or less students may be part of the visiting party.

Students that Senseis own can be gifted gifts and tapped to increase their affection. Three yellow lines that appear near a student's face will show that they are new in the cafe and have not been interacted with yet. Taps refresh every 3 hours, but there will be no indication of the three yellow lines again if the student has already been interacted with at least once while in the cafe.

Students that Senseis do not own will have none of these perks, and simply wander around the cafe or interact with unique furniture specific to them, if any. Tapping them will simply make a ? appear over their head, and nothing special happens.

Inviting Students

Every 20 hours, Senseis will be able to invite any student on their roster to the cafe. If the student is currently in the cafe, they will not be in the list of students that can be invited.

An exception to this, however, is a student alt. A student can be switched out for their alt version and vice versa, but you cannot have both in the cafe at the same time.

Giving Students Gifts

When a student is in the cafe, Senseis have the opportunity to give them gifts to increase their Bond Level.

Gifts, like furniture, can be obtained via Crafting, Events, and Achievements. Though they can also be obtained through Total Assault.

Take note that different students like different gifts. While no students hates a gift outright, they have preferences on gifts they would rather receive, which increases their affection more than usual if given. You can see it depending on the emote above a student's head and how excited said emote looks when picking a gift.

Bond Levels give students a slight boost in stats while also potentially unlocking more of their Momotalk stories. Some students also gain access to unique items that further boost their stats and skills, but only if you reach Bond Level 20 and 25 with them respectively.

Alt students count as completely different students, and thus their bond levels are not shared. What is shared, however, is the bonus stats that accompany the bonus levels for each student.

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