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A cheerful member of the Trinity After-School Sweets Club. Has a relaxed and easy-going personality and cherishes the time she spends sampling desserts and chatting with her friends. Her favorite dessert is ice cream, and she's recently gotten hooked on mint chocolate chip.


  • Family Name
  • Character Age
    15 years old
  • Height
  • Hobby
    Checking out dessert shops, tea parties.
  • School
  • Club
  • Weapon
    Sweet Dessert
  • Weapon Type
  • CV
    Chikako Sugimura
  • Illustrator


Sweet Dessert

Airi's assault rifle. The name is taken from one of the desserts at a shop she frequents.
Level 1
66 ATK
442 HP
170 HEAL


If I Have To

EX Skill
Deals 265% damage to enemies in a circular area and decreases the MoveSpeed by 22.8% of enemies hit for 20s.

You Might See Stars!

Normal Skill
Every 25s, decreases the AttackSpeed of one enemy by 18.4% for 30s.

Dessert Power

Passive Skill
Increases ATK by 14%.

Airi's Encouragement

Sub Skill
Increases all allies' AttackSpeed by 9.1%.


Character Introduction

Kurimura Airi is a very sweet and gentle girl you can easily have a conversation with, out of all the topics you can talk about, she enjoys sweets and desserts the most. She sometimes has some insecurities about herself but is a very sweet girl all and all.

Character Overview

Airi's skillset is focused on debuffing the enemy’s speed overall while increasing her allies’ attack speed.

Deploying her EX Skill (If I Have To) will slow down the enemy’s movement speed. However when this skill is raised to level 3, it will allow her to reduce the enemy’s attack speed.

Her Enhanced Skill (Dessert Power) increases her ATK stat in order to make her EX Skill deal more damage.

Airi’s Basic Skill (You Might See Stars!) will decrease a single target’s attack speed. Compared to her EX Skill, this will deal no damage.

As said above, her kit will also increase her allies’ own attack speed in her kit. Her Sub Skill (Airi’s Encouragement) will increase all allies’ attack speed and help them deal Normal Attacks faster.


  • Has a niche use in Raids such as ShiroKuro (Insane) and Binah
  • Farmable (Hard 19-2)


  • Usecase is limited and niche

Skill Review

EX Skill

If I Have To

Her EX Skill is relatively expensive for a Support student with little returns. It is not recommended to use this due to general content enemies taking cover and being stationary.

This skill will unlock an ATK speed debuff once it hits Lvl 3. However, it is still hard to justify using her EX Skill due to how expensive it is and how few benefits it provides.

Basic Skill

You Might See Stars!

Airi periodically reduces a single target’s Attack Speed by a good percentage.

Enchanced Skill

Dessert Power

Airi’s Enhanced Skill increases her ATK stat by a decent percentage, helping her deal more damage for her EX Skill.

Sub Skill

Airi's Encouragement

Airi’s Sub Skill increases her allies’ Attack Speed by a decent amount. This will help her fellow students deal damage faster.

Gameplay Progression

Early game: We do not recommend using Airi for early game progression

Early game alternatives:



Almost all other Special students

Late game: Can be used in ShiroKuro (Insane) due to unique interactions in Phase 2 Insane

  • Minimum recommended investment: 2*
  • Skill leveling priority: Basic = Sub > Enhanced.

Total Assualt (Raids) Showcase

ShiroKuro Insane with Airi

Credits to adipose9#9276

Character Notes

  • Due to ShiroKuro's mechanics there is a unique interaction where the carousels will deal 600k damage to Kuro in Phase 2.
  • Airi can cancel Binah’s missile strike with her Basic Skill. When highly invested, Binah won’t be able to launch missiles due to overlapping with its laser attack thus canceling it.


Airi is hard to put a place in a team other than having some niche uses in Raids. In general content, most enemy units won’t charge straight at you but stay stationary or behind cover, thus making Airi’s EX Skill rather useless, even if it has an attack speed debuff.

How Much Should I Invest?: It is difficult to use Airi in general content due to almost no use case for her Movement Speed Debuff. 

Airi can be used in ShiroKuro with no investment.