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A member of the Gehenna Gourmet Research Society. Don't let her charming appearance fool you. A glutton with a massive appetite, she's the reigning champion of various competitive eating contests across Kivotos. She possesses a mild-mannered and kind personality, but she can prank as well as any other student at Gehenna Academy.


  • Family Name
  • Character Age
    17 years old
  • Height
  • Hobby
    Eating contests
  • School
  • Club
  • Weapon
    Mark of Gluttony
  • Weapon Type
  • CV
    Yuuka Morishima
  • Illustrator


Mark of Gluttony

Akari's favorite assault rifle. This greedy glutton's assault rifle has various firearm accessories, including a grenade launcher.
Level 1
109 ATK
583 HP


One Heaping Helping of Grenades!

EX Skill
Deals 392% damage to enemies in a circular area.

One More Spicy Serving!

Normal Skill
Normal attacks have a 10% chance to increase ATK by 38.7% for 20s. 15s cooldown between activations.

Thanks for the Great Meal!

Passive Skill
Increases MAXHP by 14%.

I Still Got Room for More!

Sub Skill
Normal attacks have a 10% chance to increase ATK by 34.4% for 26s. 18s cooldown between activations.


Character Intro

Hinomiya Chinatsu’s coolheadedness is what keeps the Prefect Team together, preventing the hotheads or the reckless members of her club from impulsively doing things that the Club President won’t approve of. Other than acting as a mediator or the sense of reason, she has a cute side to her as well.

Character Overview

Akari is an Explosive Dealer that can blast anyone who stands in her way in her conquest for food.

Akari’s kit is built around increasing her overall damage. Both Akari’s Basic (One More Spicy Serving!) and Sub skill (Still Got Room for More!) will buff Akari’s ATK by a large amount and can stack upon each other, combining her ATK buffs with One Heaping Helping of Grenades will output high amounts of Explosive damage to anyone unfortunate enough to stand in Akari’s conquest for food. 

However, the downside of both skills is that they both only have a 10% chance to activate, causing Akari to be inconsistent with her damage. Another downside is that both skills have separate cooldown timers, making it quite frustrating to proc both skills again for the second time in combat.

At higher investments, Akari is a solid Explosive AoE damage dealer that requires a lot of luck to unlock her full potential in dealing damage. At Unique Equipment 40, Thanks for the Great Meal!+ adds a solid chunk of HP to Akari, allowing her to survive more hits from AoE attacks.


  • Provides self with two passive ATK buffs 
  • Farmable (Hard 2-2, 5-1,9-1,11-1),


  • Heavy Armor gave her a bad time in Insane Raids.
  • Damage can be inconsistent due to her ATK buffs being reliant on chance.
  • AoE for EX Skill is small.

Skill Review

EX Skill

One Heaping Helping of Grenades!

An AoE EX Skill with a small circular range, it is best used against a large cluster of enemies. However, due to how her kit is built on increasing her damage output, her EX Skill can be used against a single target.

Basic Skill

One More Spicy Serving!

Skill leveling priority: 1 or 2

An ATK buff that has a 10% chance to activate in each shot she fires.

Enchanced Skill

Thanks for the Great Meal!

Skill leveling priority: 3

Akari’s Enhanced Skill is an odd ball compared to the rest of her skills, it increases Akari’s HP by a decent percentage. This helps increase her survivability in battle by allowing Akari to survive a stray AoE attack.

(At least it isn't tied to a 10% chance right?) 

Sub Skill

I Still Got Room for More!

Skill leveling priority: 1 or 2

An ATK buff that has a slightly lower value than her Basic Skill. This also has a 10% chance to activate with every shot she fires. Her Sub Skill stacks on top of her Basic Skill.

Gameplay Progression

Early game: In the early game, Akari is a F2P alternative to other 3* Explosive damage dealers. Her EX skill has a decent AoE with a cheap cost.

Early game alternatives:



Students listed here are only some of the notable options available.

Late game (High Investment): When factoring in late game investments and content, Akari's problems become more apparent when used in raids such as Kaiten. Although she has a really high damage ceiling it is tied to her proccing both her Basic and Sub skill. However, relying on her Basic and Sub skill will be difficult due to it having a 10% chance to activate. Thus in order to maximize her damage, players may need to reset the stage until they can trigger both Basic and Sub skill.

  • Recommended to farm until Unique Equipment 50
  • Skill leveling priority: Basic = Sub > Enhanced

Total Assualt (Raids) Showcase

Kaiten Urban Insane

Credits to adipose9#9276

Character Notes

  • Her ATK buffs come from two separate skills that can stack on each other. However it can be inconsistent as the time to activate both requires a 10% chance to activate. 
  • Can be used in conjunction with a student that has a taunt/pull to maximize Akari’s EX skill damage.


Akari is a luck-based Explosive damage dealer, she can be quite frustrating to use due to how inconsistent her damage can be due to her Basic and Sub Skill requiring a small chance to proc. However despite these downsides she is still a solid AoE damage dealer that finds play in general content.

How Much Should I Invest in Her?: Akari can be kept at Unique Equipment Lvl 30 as Unique Equipment 40 only provides a boost of HP. If you are willing, you can invest into Unique Equipment Lvl 50 for the terrain advantage bonus.