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She is in charge of medical aid at Gehenna Academy's Prefect Team. Chinatsu is one of the few people with common sense among the obsessively dogmatic Prefect Team. She's usually the one who prevents other members like Ako and Iori from running amok. Her tone can be harsh and give the impression of being just as cold as any other member of the Prefect Team, but she is actually a sweet young girl who melts at the sight of cute animals.


  • Family Name
  • Character Age
    15 years old
  • Height
  • Hobby
    Reading philosophy books
  • School
  • Club
  • Weapon
    Support Pointer
  • Weapon Type
  • CV
    Haruka Kouzuki
  • Illustrator


Support Pointer

Chinatsu's favorite pistol. It is more often used to point at something than to shoot someone.
Level 1
43 ATK
438 HP
226 HEAL


Tactical First Aid

EX Skill
Restores the HP of one ally by 195% of Healing.


Normal Skill
Every 40s, increases the Dodge of the ally with the lowest HP by 50.9% for 30s.

Reinforced Medical Enhancement

Passive Skill
Increases HealPower by 14%.

Reinforced Defenses

Sub Skill
Increases all allies' DEF by 9.1%.


Character Intro

Hinomiya Chinatsu’s coolheadedness is what keeps the Prefect Team together, preventing the hotheads or the reckless members of her club from impulsively doing things that the Club President won’t approve of. Other than acting as a mediator or the sense of reason, she has a cute side to her as well.

Character Overview

Chinatsu is your first Special Support Student that mainly focuses on healing and keeping the Striker Students alive as long as possible.

Chinatsu is a student with a straightforward skill set. Just pick up her EX Skill (Tactical First Aid) then drop it on a student, and they will receive healing depending on Chinatsu’s HEAL stat and her EX Skill Lvl. At EX3 her EX Skill can cleanse any Debuff present on the student.

The rest of her kit is centered on improving her EX Skill effectiveness and keeping the striker student’s survivability up.

Chinatsu’s Basic Skill (Regroup) increases the Evasion stat of a student with the lowest HP by a good percentage, allowing them to dodge bullets and giving you enough time to use Chinatsu’s EX Skill on them.

Her Enhanced Skill (Reinforced Medical Enhancement) increases her HEAL stat, boosting her EX Skill’s Effectiveness.

On the other hand, her Sub Skill (Reinforced Defenses) increases everyone’s DEF stat by a decent percentage, increasing their survivability.

In higher investments, Her Unique Equipment Lv 40, she gains a flat boost to her HEAL stat with her Enhance Skill (Reinforced Medical Enhancement+).


  • Farmable (Total Assault Shop)
  • Cleanse/Debuff removal


  • Offers no offensive utility
  • Cleanse is available after EX Lvl 3

Skill Review

EX Skill

Tactical First Aid

Chinatsu brings out a syringe and heals a student. At EX Skill is that at Lvl 3, she can cleanse any Debuff applied to the student.

Her cleanse is useful, especially against enemies who apply a significant debuff like Hieronymus' death curse or Perorodzilla’s Defense Down.

Basic Skill


Skill leveling priority: 3

Chinatsu will increase student’s Evasion stat by a great amount. This may provide players with a small window of opportunity to heal that student before they could be KO’d in combat.

Enchanced Skill

Reinforced Medical Enhancement

Skill leveling priority: 1

Increases Chinatsu’s HEAL stat by a decent amount.

Sub Skill

Reinforced Defenses

Skill leveling priority: 2

Chinatsu will provide everyone a decent DEF buff, allowing them to survive longer in combat.

Gameplay Progression

Early game: Chinatsu is the free healer given when starting the game. Her EX skill has a high multiplier that tends to overheal her target. Unfortunately, there are cheaper and much more potent alternatives such as Serina and Hanae.

Early game alternatives:

Serina,Hanae,Nodoka (Hot Spring),Koharu

Students listed here are some of the notable options available.

Late game (High Investment): When invested Chinatsu gains a cleanse on her EX skill, the cleanse can be used to remove core debuffs such as Perorodzilla.

  • Skill Leveling priority: Passive > Sub > Normal

Raid Content  

Perorodzilla Extreme

Credits to: NeptuniaMX#9009

Character Notes

  • Her cleanse happens after healing a target.
  • Can fully heal lanterns in Hieronymus (Extreme) Raid, not only that with her cleanse after heal, she can remove the lantern’s debuff upon finishing her heal.
  • She can act as a Debuff Cleanser for Tanks that aren’t Natsu (has self cleanse) when tanking Perorodzilla’s laser eyes in Extreme difficulty.


Chinatsu finds better use in Hieronymus, Perorodzilla, and Shiro & Kuro Raid Bosses due to her ability to cleanse debuffs and provide a massive heal to students who need it.

How Much Should I Invest?: UE40. If you need a debuff cleanse and you want to use Chinatsu, it is a requirement to get her EX Skill to Level 3. Her elephs are available at Tactical Assault (Raid) shop.