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Chise (Swimsuit)

Chise (Swimsuit)

An airhead who's a member of the Yin-Yang Club. She likes to hang out in the sunlight. When she started wearing a swimsuit, her popularity skyrocketed and her following grew as strong as the summer sunshine. As expected, she doesn't seem to care about her popularity at all. Chise is spending a fulfilling summer with Sensei, looking for sparkles and poking turtles.


  • Family Name
  • Character Age
    16 years old
  • Height
  • Hobby
    Writing haiku
  • School
  • Club
  • Weapon
    Type 575 Grenade Launcher
  • Weapon Type
  • CV
    Yū Shimamura
  • Illustrator


Type 575 Grenade Launcher

Chise's favorite multi-grenade launcher. As part of a special summer collaboration, Chise engraved a haiku inspired by Sensei onto her ammo. It's a precious item unique to Chise, and it's not sold on the market.
Level 1
70 ATK
639 HP


Summer Beach Fever!

EX Skill
Fires 3 grenades that target up to 3 different enemies. Each grenade deals 232% damage and inflicts Stunned for 2.1s to the target and enemies in a circular area around them. If the target is already inflicted with a Crowd Control effect, deals 2.1s damage and inflicts Stunned for 4.1s instead.

Beach Volleyball Shot!

Normal Skill
Every 50s, deals 282% damage to one enemy and inflicts Stunned for 2.4s.

Take a Walk!

Passive Skill
Increases ATK by 14%.

Getting Chills?

Sub Skill
Chise's EX skill deals an additional 30% Chill damage to targets hit every 4s for 20s.