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President of the Gehenna Gourmet Research Society. At a glance, she appears to possess the graceful charisma of a refined lady. But when it comes to food, she can turn into a deranged maniac at the flip of a switch. Despite her uncontrollable gluttony, she actually can't stomach too much food at once. Her favorite foods are those rich in fat, such as motsunabe and horumonyaki.


  • Family Name
  • Character Age
    17 years old
  • Height
  • Hobby
    Foodie touring, making foodie lists
  • School
  • Club
  • Weapon
  • Weapon Type
  • CV
    Azusa Tadokoro
  • Illustrator



An elegant sniper rifle used by Haruna. She claims she can see the path to becoming the ultimate gourmand through the scope.
Level 1
165 ATK
549 HP


Piercing Elegance

EX Skill
Deals 506% damage to enemies in a straight line. Damage to subsequent enemies is reduced by 10% per enemy hit (to a minimum of 30% damage).

Exotic Explosives

Normal Skill
Every 30s, deals 200% damage to one enemy.

Gourmand's Honor

Passive Skill
Increases MAXHP by 14%.

Prudent Connoisseur

Sub Skill
Increases ATK by 10% while Haruna is standing still.


Character Intro

Kurodata Haruna deceptively looks like an elegant lady at first however, she is as insane as her club members when it comes to their quest on eating the greatest food in Kivotos. She will go as far to plant bombs in a restaurant and blow it up if the food isn’t to her liking.

Character Overview

Haruna is a Mystic Sniper that can pierce through enemies with her EX Skill and is a strong pick against Special units in general content.

Haruna’s kit is centered aropund dealing high amounts of damage against one or multiple enemies. Her EX Skill (Piercing Elegance) has a special attribute of penetrating through multiple targets in a straight line. Meanwhile, her Basic Skill (Exotic Explosives) allows her to deal a decent amount of damage to one target.

The rest of Haruna’s kit serves to increase survivability and her damage.

Her Enhanced Skill (Gourmand’s Honor) increases her HP by a good amount, allowing her to have better survivability against enemy AoE attacks.

Her Sub Skill (Prudent Connoisseur) increases Haruna’s ATK Stat by a good percentage while she is standing still.

At higher investments, Haruna is a great Mystic Sniper in General Content with how much damage she can deal with her EX Skill, especially with her Sub Skill’s buffs. With Unique Weapon Lvl 40, Haruna’s Enhanced Skill (Gourmand’s Honor+) will raise her HP stat to similar levels of a Frontline Striker Student.


  • Strong option for Mystic raids
  • Good AoE and ST damage
  • Farmable (Hard 8-3/12-3)


  • Heavy armor makes it hard to place in insane raids.
  • AoE for EX skill is extremely narrow.

Skill Review

EX Skill

Piercing Elegance

Haruna fires a shot that deals damage in a straight line. Subsequent damage to enemies after the first hit will reduce the following damage by a small percentage.

To maximize Haruna’s damage, it would be best to set up her position in the unit selection screen and use her EX skill against multiple enemies in a straight line.

Her EX skill becomes cheaper at Max Level by 1 point. This will allow her to use her EX faster.

Basic Skill

Exotic Explosives

Skill leveling priority: 1 or 2

Haruna will fire a shot against one target and deal a decent amount of damage.

Enchanced Skill

Gourmand's Honor

Skill leveling priority: 3

Increases Haruna’s HP stat by a decent percentage, helping her survive a stray AoE attack in combat.

Sub Skill

Prudent Connoisseur

Skill leveling priority: 1 or 2

When Haruna is standing still, she increases her ATK by a decent percentage. Since she mostly takes cover or stands still when firing her weapon, she will always have this skill active.

Gameplay Progression

Early game: With the early game centered around AoE content, Haruna is a great choice with her high single target and AoE damage. However, due to her EX skill being hard to maximize with its small AoE, there are are more comfortable alternatives if her single target damage is not required.

Early game alternatives:


Aris,Akane (Bunny),Chise,Iroha,Shiroko (Cycling),Hinata,Asuna (Bunny)

Students listed here are some of the notable options available.

Late game (High Investment): Haruna is one of the top picks when choosing a Mystic DPS. She is accessible to all players by farming stages (Hard 8-3/12-3). Can be used for extreme and insane raids such as ShiroKuro, Perorodzilla, and Goz. However, due to having Heavy armor she can be difficult to keep alive (Insane Raids).

  • Minimum recommended investment: Unique Equipment Lv30.
  • Skill Leveling Priority: Sub = Basic > Enhanced

Raid Content  

Perorodzilla Insane

credits to adipose9#9276

Character Notes

  • Despite being a hard hitting Mystic Sniper, Haruna is fragile like most Backline Striker Students. Unless you invested enough to level her Unique Equipment to 40 and max out her Enhanced Skill to give her more HP and increased survivability.


Haruna is a Mystic damage dealer that can tackle most General Content with ease. With how much damage she can do with her EX and Basic skill, she is the go-to pick Mystic damage dealer against enemy units who have Special Armor.

Haruna’s EX Skill can be difficult to use when facing multiple enemies due to her narrow skill range. It may be tempting to target multiple enemies, but do note that her EX skill at max level is cheap. You can use her EX Skill from time to time against one or two targets. Other than that, she deals a decent amount of damage through her Basic skill during her downtime.

How Much Should I Invest?: Unique Equipment Lvl 30 or 50. If you are willing to farm her stages more, UE50 for a terrain advantage bonus.

Should you pull on her banner?: Not recommended to pull, she's part of the standard pool and is also farmable.