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Hatsune Miku

Hatsune Miku

A virtual idol with a cheerful personality who loves to sing. Originally, she only existed virtually online with no physical body, but she came to exist in the real world just in time for her live performance with the help of Kivotos' technology. She has quite a few hidden fans in Kivotos due to her ability to sing across time and space.


  • Family Name
  • Character Age
    16 years old
  • Height
  • Hobby
    Singing, dancing
  • School
  • Club
  • Weapon
    Concert T-Shirt Cannon
  • Weapon Type
  • CV
    Saki Fujita
  • Illustrator


Concert T-Shirt Cannon

A gigantic t-shirt gun Miku uses to launch merchandise into the crowd at concerts. There are diodes and other things embedded in the surface, and they sparkle beautifully with her music.
Level 1
81 ATK
443 HP
207 HEAL


My Heart in This Moment!

EX Skill
Summons Hatsune Miku to the selected location for 26s, restoring the HP of allies in a circular area by 111% of Healing. While Miku is dancing, increases all nearby allies' ATK by 21.2% as long as they stay within range.

Hatsune Miku's Passion

Normal Skill
Every 30s, increases the CriticalChance of allies in a circular area by 19.8% for 20s.

Hatsune Miku's Support

Passive Skill
Increases HealPower by 14%.

Hatsune Miku's Blessing

Sub Skill
Increases all allies' HealEffectiveness by 9.1%.