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Head prefect of the Gehenna Academy Prefect Team. Somewhat aloof and considers almost everything a bother and a chore, but is still every bit the head prefect of the Prefect Team when it comes to rules and regulations. Her general response to most things is "Ugh, so annoying," but she's ruthless and decisive when it comes to matters on the battlefield. Feared and respected by the enemies of Gehenna.


  • Family Name
  • Character Age
    17 years old
  • Height
  • Hobby
    Sleeping, rest and relaxation
  • School
  • Club
  • Weapon
    Destroyer of Denouement
  • Weapon Type
  • CV
    Ryō Hirohashi
  • Illustrator


Destroyer of Denouement

A multipurpose machine gun Hina wields as naturally as any limb. Blows away school rule violators and degenerates with its ruthlessly destructive power.
Level 1
162 ATK
821 HP


Denouement: Ishbosheth

EX Skill
Deals 636% damage to enemies in a fan-shaped area.

Lock & Load

Normal Skill
Whenever Hina runs out of ammo, immediately reloads and increases ATK by 21% for 16s.

Prefect Team Member Judgment

Passive Skill
Increases AttackSpeed by 14%.


Sub Skill
Deals 2.7% damage as an additional hit to enemies not taking cover.


Character Intro

Sorasaki Hina, the chairwoman of the Prefect Team, is a diligent disciplinarian when dealing with the issues surrounding Gehenna Academy. Despite that, Hina considers her role to be bothersome and a chore.

Character Overview

Hina is an Explosive damage dealer that excels at dealing Normal Attack damage at high investments and has a powerful AoE EX Skill.

While initially, her EX Skill cost may be off-putting to use, the damage multiplier justifies its cost. Hina is great at dealing Normal Attack damage with her Basic Skill (Lock & Load), which allows her to reload her weapon instantly and provides herself with an ATK buff for 16 seconds.

To further cement her excellent Explosive Normal Attack damage, her Enhanced Skill (Prefect Team Member Judgement) increases her ATK SPD by a decent margin. It allows her to burn through her ammo quickly and re-apply Lock & Load’s ATK buff. Paired with her Sub Skill  (Out-and-Out) deals a percentage of her ATK stat as extra damage against enemy units outside of cover.

When highly invested, Her Enhanced Skill (Prefect Team Member Judgement+) gives her an extra ATK damage boost to help augment her Normal Attack and EX Skill damage.


  • One of the best Auto Attackers when invested
  • High EX skill multipliers
  • Farmable (Hard 16-3)


  • Heavy armor makes it hard to place her in Insane raids
  • Her EX skill’s AoE can be hard to use.
  • Wants high investment

Skill Review

EX Skill

Denouement: Ishbosheth

Hina brings her Machine Gun to bear and fires a large spray of bullets in a narrow cone in front of her, dealing large amounts of damage.

Her EX Skill has a hefty cost of 7 skill points. Don’t let this discourage you from using it, as it is justified by how much damage she can put out.

In a narrow AoE cone, she can clear a wave of enemies in one go. However it can be hard to use her EX Skill in a skill rotation due to its cost.

Basic Skill

Lock & Load

Skill leveling priority: 1

Hina will instantly reload her weapon, allowing her to keep on firing at the enemy. This Basic skill will always ensure that she will keep on attacking with no downtime, and it comes with a bonus of an ATK buff.

Enchanced Skill

Prefect Team Member Judgment

Skill leveling priority: 2

Hina’s Enhanced skill helps her burn through her ammo faster, making it possible to trigger her Basic Skill’s buffs again.

Sub Skill


Skill leveling priority: 3

Against large units or during Raids, Hina’s Sub Skill will be always active since these enemy units typically don’t take cover.

Gameplay Progression

Early game: In the early game, Hina's high damage multipliers on her EX skill combined with her AoE is a reliable method to deal with mobs of enemies. However, due to her high EX skill cost and overkill amounts of damage, she tends to fall off mid-late game when other alternatives start to deal enough damage to clear out mobs.

Early game alternatives:



Students listed here are only some of the notable options available.

Late game: When factoring in late game investments, Hina becomes a potent Auto Attacker and AoE damage dealer that can be used in both Light armor raids (Hieronymus and Kaiten). However, she still retains her early game issues of dealing overkill amounts of damage with high EX skill cost. Once the alternatives start outperforming Hina in terms of damage or comfort, Hina starts to fall off from usage.

  • Skill leveling (priority before UE40): Basic > Sub > Enhanced
  • Skill leveling (priority after UE40): Basic > Enhanced+ > Sub
  • Minimum recommended investment: Unique Equipment Lv40

Total Assualt (Raids) Showcase

Kaiten Outdoor Insane

Credits to Midokuni#0001

Character Notes

  • Her EX skill having a cost of 7 makes it difficult to place in a proper rotation with most students that have an average of 3 or 4 skill points. This becomes more of a problem when you are trying to prioritize giving buffs or debuffs with Support students.
  • Can be used in conjunction with a student that has a taunt/pull to maximize Aru’s EX skill damage(e.g Tsubaki reference found in raid showcase).
  • Her EX skill cost can be mitigated with use of students who can reduce EX Skill cost such as Ui and NY.Fuuka.


Hina is an excellent Explosive Auto Attacker with a powerful EX Skill. While her EX Skill has an expensive cost of 7 skill points, this is justified with how much damage she can deal in her AoE cone.

One of Hina’s strengths is how much Explosive damage she can output with her Normal Attacks, her kit is built around this to take advantage of her EX Skill downtime by dealing a continuous flow of damage to enemy units.

How Much Should I Invest?: Unique Equipment Lvl 40 or 50. As stated previously, when highly invested Hina gains a bonus ATK buff to her Enhanced Skill (UE40). It is from these investments that Hina begins to peak in damage.

Should you pull on her banner?: Not recommended to pull, she's part of the standard pool and is also farmable.