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A cold-blooded specialist of Gehenna Academy's Prefect Team. She uses her overwhelming force as field captain to ruthlessly discipline offenders. Iori is highly efficient and formidable in combat, but her stubbornness causes her to fall for even the most obvious traps.


  • Family Name
  • Character Age
    16 years old
  • Height
  • Hobby
    Going on patrol, castigating others
  • School
  • Club
  • Weapon
    Crack Shot
  • Weapon Type
  • CV
    Ayane Sakura
  • Illustrator


Crack Shot

A sniper rifle used by Iori to deal with fugitives. A bare-bones sniper rifle that lacks even a scope because, Iori says, a specialist never blames their tools.
Level 1
77 ATK
366 HP


Major Roundup

EX Skill
Fires 3 shots at an enemy that each deal 350% damage to the target and enemies in a fan-shaped area behind them.


Normal Skill
Every 25s, deals 229% damage to one enemy.

One-Shot Bullseye

Passive Skill
Increases HIT by 14%.

Prefect Team Nerve

Sub Skill
Deals 22.6% damage as an additional hit to enemies if Iori is not taking cover.


Character Intro

Shiromi Iori is the strict and upright guardian of the Prefect Team who goes out for patrols around the Gehenna Academy’s District and catching troublemakers causes more than enough chaos.

Character Overview

Iori is a Piercing Sniper student that deals extremely powerful single target damage with an added small cone of AOE damage.

Iori is your go-to Heavy Armor destroyer in most situations you’ll need to use her in. The reason for that is due to how much damage both her EX Skill (Major Roundup) and her Basic Skill (Bounty) can deal in a burst.

Her EX Skill deals three extremely powerful shots that blasts an AOE attack after it hits, allowing her to clear crowds.  

The rest of Iori’s kit is to improve her capability to deal more damage against her enemies.

Her Enhanced Skill (One-shot Bullseye) increases her Accuracy Stat. Accuracy is more revelant in PvP due to the abundance of evasion tanks. While her Sub Skill (Prefect Team Nerve) deals extra damage on target if she is not behind cover.

In higher investments, Iori is the premier Piercing damage dealer with how much damage she can output with her EX Skill. With her Unique Weapon at Lvl 40, her Enhanced Skill (One-shot Bullseye+) Gets a flat Accuracy buff.


  • High usage rate on raids and general content
  • High single target and AoE damage
  • Farmable (Hard 14-3)
  • Low cost EX skill


  • Heavy armor makes it hard to place in insane raids.

Skill Review

EX Skill

Major RoundUp

Iori deals three instances of damage, each hitting enemies behind the main target.

This is Iori’s signature skill, it allows her to consistently put out high AOE and single target damage

Basic Skill


Skill leveling priority: 1

Iori brings her rifle to bear and fires a single shot at one target, dealing a decent amount of damage.

Enchanced Skill

One-shot Bullseye

Skill leveling priority: 3 (2 for PvP)

Iori’s Enhanced Skill allows her to hit targets with high evasion.

Accuracy is more relevant in PvP due to evasion tanks being prevalent

Sub Skill

Prefect Team Nerve

Skill leveling priority: 2

Iori’s Sub Skill deals additional damage when she is outside of cover. 

Basically has a 100% uptime in most raids as they do not have cover.

Gameplay Progression

Early game: Iori makes Heavy armor content a breeze to through. She will also be your goto DPS for Mystic, if you do not have any Mystic DPS raised.

Early game alternatives:

Single Target:




Late game (High Investment): Not a lot has changed for Iori when compared to her early game use case. She is also often used in Heavy armor however, Iori will struggle in some Insane raids due to having Heavy armor.

  • Skill leveling priority: Normal > Sub > Passive
  • Minimum recommended investment: Unique Equipment Lv30 or 40 (PvP)

Total Assualt (Raids) Showcase

Binah Insane

Credits to adipose9#9276

Character Notes

  • Although Iori is able to put out high amounts of damage, having Heavy armor can leave her vulnerable to being nuked by some Insane raid difficulty bosses. Position her well when you are using her in such raids.
  • When using EX skill Iori will move in a set pattern, this allows her to dodge some hits from AOE attacks. 


Iori is the premier Piercing damage dealer and is your goto pick for Heavy Armor content. The amount of damage she deals with her EX skill is so high that it should be no surprise that she is a staple in Heavy Armor Raids and general content.

The bonus Accuracy buffs she can get on Unique Weapon Lvl 40 should be enough to have her frequently hit even the most evasive targets. This is most useful in PvP when dealing with targets like Tsubaki, Atsuko, or Yuuka.

How Much Should I Invest?: It is highly recommended to get Iori to Unique Equipment Lvl 30 to get the best out of her if you are dealing with general content. However, If you have spare AP from dailies, you should farm Iori Elephs from Hard Stages and get her to Unique Equipment Lvl 40 or 50 as this will give Iori a decent to her damage either from increased ATK stats or through the Terrain Advantage Bonus. 

Should you pull on her banner?: Not recommended to pull, she's part of the standard pool and is also farmable.