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Wakamo (Swimsuit)

Wakamo (Swimsuit)

"One of the Seven Prisoners. A girl who blooms like a colorful flower in summer. She arrived on the beach in her swimsuit to show it off to Sensei and ended up with a huge smile on her face because she ran into Sensei just in time. Her passion toward Sensei is as strong as the summer sun. She always tries her best to get closer to them."


  • Family Name
  • Character Age
    18 years old
  • Height
  • Hobby
    Destroying, looting
  • School
  • Club
  • Weapon
    Crimson Calamity
  • Weapon Type
  • CV
    Chiwa Saitō
  • Illustrator


Crimson Calamity

"Wakamo's favorite rifle. To match Wakamo's fiery mood in the hot summer, its muzzle shoots out a crimson flame hotter than the sweltering summer heat at everything that gets in the way."
Level 1
162 ATK
555 HP


Celadon Flower Divination

EX Skill
Deals 565% damage to one enemy. Each hit inflicts Stunned for 0.8s with the final hit inflicting Stunned for 0.8s.

Just For You

Normal Skill
Every 60s, gains one level of the following effect (max. level 3). Increases ATK by 21.7%/36.9%/36.9% but also increases DamagedRatio by 9.6%/19.2%/28.9% at level

Uncontrollable Love

Passive Skill
Increases ATK by 14%.

Midsummer Passion

Sub Skill
Deals 51.6% damage as an additional hit to enemies that have less than 30% HP.