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The treasurer of Seminar, the student council of the Millennium Science School. Yuuka has a mathematical acumen that is notable even among Millennium's high ratio of STEM students. She oversees the entirety of Millennium's budget. Her special talent is the abacus, and she has a habit of fiddling with the beads when dealing with emotional or mental conflicts.


  • Family Name
  • Character Age
    16 years old
  • Height
  • Hobby
    Doing calculations
  • School
  • Club
  • Weapon
    Logic & Reason
  • Weapon Type
  • CV
    Ran Haruka
  • Illustrator


Logic & Reason

A pair of machine guns used by Yuuka. They help Yuuka make rational and intelligent decisions.
Level 1
43 ATK
1278 HP
148 HEAL



EX Skill
Gains a Shield with HP equal to 190% of Healing lasting up to 15s.


Normal Skill
Every 15s, deals 301% damage to one enemy.

Optimal Solution

Passive Skill
Increases DEF by 14%.

Speedy Mental Calculations

Sub Skill
Whenever Yuuka takes cover, restores own HP by 75% of Healing. 10s cooldown between activations.


Character Intro

Hayase Yuuka is the calculating and numbers loving treasurer of Seminar, a blunt and straight to the point student who gets easily flustered when teased or complimented. Despite her stern demeanor and strict outlook, she cares for her friends; also Sensei’s financial and personal well being.

Character Overview

She is the first tank you receive in the game, an evasion based Heavy armor tank that has a large HP pool to back her up.

She is a simple character to use in combat, her EX Skill (Q.E.D) is a shield that provides her damage mitigation from her HP. She also has some offensive utility with her Basic Skill (I.F.F) allows her to contribute to the team's overall damage.

Despite being designated as a tank, you will notice that she has an abnormally low DEF stat, this is due to her lacking a Bag slot in her equipment and being an evasion tank. Her Enhanced Skill helps mitigate this by increasing her DEF by a small percentage, truly an Optimal Solution. Paired with her Sub Skill (Speedy Mental Calculations) gives her passive healing whenever she takes cover, increasing her survivability in combat.

When highly invested, she is a capable evasion tank that can dodge mostly anything thrown at her. Her large HP Pool can help her sustain damage for long periods of time. At Unique Equipment Lvl 40, Optimal Solution+ provides an extra effect whenever Yuuka takes cover she effectively blocks damage more efficiently.

With her Unique Item, Yuuka’s Scientific Calculator equipped, Yuuka gains a decent boost to her DEF stats and gives her Basic Skill (I.F.F.) an extra ability, buffing her evasion by a decent amount.


  • A Highly invested Yuuka can be used in almost any General Content.
  • Has a very large HP stat paired with a high Evasion stat.
  • Farmable (Hard 1-1, 4-3, 12-2)


  • Low DEF stat
  • Heavy armor as a tank gives her a bad time in Insane raids

Skill Review

EX Skill


Q.E.D. gives Yuuka a Shield equal to a percentage of her HEAL stat. It will dissipate if the shield has depleted its HP or a certain amount of time has passed.

Once activated, it acts as Yuuka’s 2nd HP bar and helps mitigate damage whenever she gets hit. 

Basic Skill


Skill leveling priority: 1

Every 15 seconds Yuuka pulls out her other SMG from her pockets and unleashes a spray of bullets that deal damage.

Enchanced Skill

Optimal Solution

Skill leveling priority: 3

Provides a minor increase to DEF stat. However due to her extremely low DEF base stat, this skill has less impact unless you get Yuuka’s Unique Item.

Sub Skill

Speedy Mental Calculations

Skill leveling priority: 2

Restores Yuuka’s HP whenever she takes cover, this is a great passive ability to heal in general maps with plenty of cover. 

In maps with less or no cover at all, Yuuka’s Sub Skill ends up being dead weight for her

Gameplay Progression

Early game: Yuuka is a tank given at the start of the game, a decent evasion tank can that suffice for most early game general content. However, she is normally replaced by better alternatives such as Tsubaki.

Early game alternatives:



Students listed here are only some of the notable options available.

Late game (High Investment): At high investments Yuuka is a decent evasion tank that can be used in most general content. However, due to her having Heavy armor Yuuka is rarely used in Insane raids.

  • Recommended to farm until Unique Equipment 30 + Bond Item 25
  • Skill Level Priority: Basic > Sub > Enhanced

Total Assualt (Raids) Showcase


Character Notes

  • She self-heals wherever she takes cover. This can help you free up on healers for more damage dealers. However, this is useless in a map without cover like Raids and PVP.
  • Her Unique Item gives he more DEF and passively increases her Evasion every time she does her Basic Skill, increasing her survivability in combat.
  • Really good in PvP with Bond Item via EVA increase.


Yuuka heavily benefits from the cover mechanic of the game, her Sub Skill blatantly tells you this as it heals her HP with a percentage of her HEAL stats. At Unique Equipment Lvl 40, her Enhanced Skill furthers this notion by increasing her current cover’s blocking proficiency against enemy fire.

How Much Should I Invest?: Unique Weapon Lvl 30. It is highly recommended to get Yuuka's Unique Item, as this gives her the needed Defense stat for a tank. Highly recommended to invest in her Bond Level to 25 as it unlocks Tier 2 of her Unique Item. As this gives her Basic Skill a bonus passive that increases her Evasion stat by a good percentage once activated.