Chesed Extreme Overview

Max HP: 3,400,000Crit DMG: 200%
ATK: 10Crit DMG RES: 50%
DEF: 100Stability: 300
Healing: 1Range: 2,000
Accuracy: 100Defense Piercing: 0
Evasion: 200Incoming DMG RES: 90%
Crit: 250Groggy Gauge: 1,000,000,000
Crit RES: 20Groggy Duration: 20s
Call of the Throne

Summons automaton soldiers. Chesed's ATG gauge gradually fills while soldiers are alive and resets after all soldiers have been defeated. Automaton soldiers also fill Chesed's groggy gauge (25% total per wave) when defeated.

If not killed within 20s, automaton soldiers will use the skill "Self-Destruct Activated", changing their Normal Attack to a self-destruct attack that deals 3000% damage to enemies in a circular area around them.
Witness My Supreme Powers
When Chesed's ATG gauge is half full, increases the ATK SPD and MOV SPD of all remaining automaton soldiers by 50% for 60s.
Majesty's Mercy
When ATG gauge is full, deals 2000% damage to all enemies.
Exposed Throne
Immune to all effects that increase Incoming Damage. When Chesed's groggy gauge is full, reveals Chesed's core and increases Incoming Damage by 900% for 20s.


Before we get into Chesed’s main mechanics, there are a few things to keep in mind. First of all, to even get to the actual boss fight it requires the player to get through phase 1, which is a pure mobbing/wave clear stage to reach the boss. Followed by the actual boss fight itself for phase 2, this phase is a mix of wave clear and Single-Target damage.

A mechanic that is constant for both phases is the self-destruct effect from Call of the Throne, if enemies are not defeated within 20 seconds, the automatons will explode, dealing a large amount of damage. Generally, you do not have to worry about this mechanic in lower difficulties, as enemies should be defeated before this effect triggers.

Phase 1

For phase 1, you will have to go through 2 rooms to get the boss, these rooms usually follow a set pattern of how enemies will spawn. But before we go into the enemies spawn locations, we will quickly go over what enemies you will face throughout the raid, as they have special traits to them.

  • Tester Automaton (AR)/Soldier: If left alive for a certain amount of time it will self-destruct on the nearest student.
  • Tester Drone (Missile)/Drone:  If left alive for a certain amount of time it will self-destruct on the nearest student.
  • Guard Tower/Turret: These enemies will completely ignore your tank and target the backline.
  • Goliath: If left alive for too long it will use a powerful AoE attack and if defeated it inflicts EMP (Stun) to all Chesed enemies for 3 seconds.

Now that we know what enemies we will be facing in both rooms, it's time to go over how the enemies will spawn in each room.

Room 1

This room will mainly contain Soldiers and Drones for the enemy lineup, overall, this room should not be a large issue once you know the timings of when enemies will spawn.

As you enter the room, the front portion of the first wave of enemies will spawn, this is then followed by a few Drones spawning on the backside after a few seconds. Students that have a cone-shaped AoE, such as Momoi can quickly take care of this wave.

After the first wave of enemies has been cleared out, the next wave of enemies will spawn similarly to the first wave and will then be followed by enemies entering through the doors after 5 seconds. You can generally aim at the door beforehand to quickly catch the next group of enemies that will be spawning or use Cherino’s AoE to clear out the entire room.

Room 2

This room is similar to the rest of the stage, but instead of only having to deal with Drones and Soldiers, there will now be Turrets and a Goliath to deal with. For both waves of this room, Turrets will always spawn on the area shown in the image.

As you enter the second room, 2 Turrets will spawn, followed by a group of enemies in the middle. After which, 5 Soldiers will enter the room from the left side, as shown in the image below. If you have a Cherino in your team, she can easily take care of all the enemies for this wave. Other options to clear out the initial wave are students with a rectangular AoE, such as Moe.

After the previous wave has been dealt with, a new pair of Turrets will spawn along with a Goliath. This is accompanied by another group of enemies spawning in the center of the room. Finally, after a short delay, the last batch of enemies for this room will enter via the door and the pathway to its left.

Phase 2

After clearing out the first phase of Chesed, you will now enter the actual boss fight for this raid. While this may sound intimidating, it is mostly similar to phase 1 but instead of only bringing AoE students, you’ll have to balance them out with Single-Target damage dealers.

The first thing to take note of is Chesed’s passive ability Exposed Throne, this is triggered once you have fully filled up the groggy bar, lasting for 20 seconds. This removes Chesed’s damage reduction; without this effect applied, your team will be unable to deal any significant damage as Chesed has an extremely high Incoming Damage RES and is immune to effects that increase damage taken, forcing you to play around this mechanic.

Next, we have Call of the Throne, which will summon a wave of enemies. While these enemies are alive, Chesed will continuously generate ATG, which is reset once the entire wave has been defeated. Note that EACH mob that is killed increases Chesed’s groggy bar.

There are 4 distinct waves that Chesed can spawn at random.

Tester Automaton (AR)/Soldier Wave

Tester Drone (Missile)/Drone

Guard Tower/Turret Wave (Drones + Soldiers)

Goliath Wave

Lastly, we have Majesty’s Mercy, which triggers when Chesed’s ATG bar is full and deals 2000% damage to the entire party. This is essentially a team wipe if you get to this point. Usually, you’ll never see this skill if you have a well balanced and built team.


One of the most common strategies used in Chesed is to forfeit your team at phase 2 when you have built enough groggy on the boss. This allows your next team to trigger Exposed Throne quickly while also being able to build up enough cost to focus on dealing damage to the boss.

Recommended Groggy before retreat

Forfeit Team 1 then reenter with Team 2 Bossing team

Team Building

Chesed is a raid that has two distinct phases that you will want to look out for. While phase 1 is all about having a strong team that can clear waves quickly, phase 2 requires you to balance out your Single-Target and AoE damage dealers. If you have a limited roster of students, then it is important to not bring all of your AoE damage dealers in phase 1 to ensure that you have AoE damage dealers for the next phase.

For newer players that are looking to clear Chesed, for phase 1 we recommend having at least 2-3 AoE students, 1 tank, and 1 healer. You can then fill in the rest of the slots with generic supports or healers. 

Sample Teams

Note that it is more important that you fill in the role that the team needs rather than looking for a specific student as the best options will change overtime as more students get released.

Phase 1

Team 1


Team 2

Yuuka,Cherino,Nonomi,Ui,Moe,Nodoka (Hot Spring)

Phase 2

Team 1 (No Tank)

Mika,Cherino,Momoi,Iori,Fuuka (New Year),Himari

Team 2


Student Recommendations


Haruka,Eimi,Yuuka,Tsubaki,Natsu,Atsuko,Hoshino,Yuuka (Track),Hoshino (Swimsuit)

Piercing AoE Damage Dealers

Iori,Tsurugi,Junko,Nonomi,Cherino,Momoi,Midori,Aru (New Year),Moe,Serika (New Year),Saya (Casual),Sumire

Piercing Single Target Damage Dealers



Koharu,Kokona,Mari (Track),Nodoka (Hot Spring),Hanae,Serina,Chinatsu,Ayane


Hoshino (Swimsuit),Ui,Ako,Fuuka (New Year),Himari,Kotama,Serina (Christmas)

Video Showcase

Credits to adipose9#9276

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