Chesed Insane Overview

Max HP: 6,400,000Crit DMG: 200%
ATK: 10Crit DMG RES: 50%
DEF: 100Stability: 300
Healing: 1Range: 2,000
Accuracy: 100Defense Piercing: 0
Evasion: 200Incoming DMG RES: 90%
Crit: 250Groggy Gauge: 1,000,000,000
Crit RES: 20Groggy Duration: 20s
Call of the Throne

Summons automaton soldiers. Chesed's ATG gauge gradually fills while soldiers are alive and resets after all soldiers have been defeated. Automaton soldiers also fill Chesed's groggy gauge (25% total per wave) and spawn a Sweeper when defeated.If not killed within 20s, automaton soldiers will use the skill "Self-Destruct Activated", changing their Normal Attack to a self-destruct attack that deals 3000% damage to enemies in a circular area around them.
Witness My Supreme Powers
When Chesed's ATG gauge is half full, increases the ATK SPD and MOV SPD of all remaining automaton soldiers by 50% for 60s.
Majesty's Mercy
When ATG gauge is full, deals 2000% damage to all enemies.
Exposed Throne
Immune to all effects that increase Incoming Damage.When Chesed's groggy gauge is full, reveals Chesed's core and increasesIncoming Damage by 900% for 20s.


Note that this guide assumes you are familiar with Chesed Extreme’s mechanics as they are extremely identical to each other. You can find our article about Chesed Extreme here.

Before we dive into Chesed Insane’s main changes, we will quickly go over the passive changes made to the boss. An important thing to keep in mind is Chesed now deals Explosive damage. This makes Light armored students difficult to bring along if you do not have enough sustain or deal enough damage to clear out mobs quickly.

Phase 1

There is almost nothing new about phase 1 for Chesed, as all the enemy spawn patterns are similar to the Extreme version. To find out more about their spawn patterns, please check out our Extreme guide here.

Sweepers Spawning after an enemy is killed

An important change however, is with Chesed’s passive ability Call of the Throne, each time a mob is killed it now spawns a Sweeper. This essentially doubles the amount of damage/AoE needed to clear out waves. The Sweepers spawned will attack the nearest student, which may affect positioning/targeting and skill timings. Outside of this, they aren't really much of a threat as long as you don't let them stack up.

Phase 2

Once again, phase 2 in Insane is similar to its Extreme counterpart but with a slight quality of life change. The waves that Chesed spawns are now in a fixed pattern and can now be planned around.

1st Wave: Tester Automaton (AR)/Soldier Wave

2nd Wave: Tester Drone (Missile)/Drone

3rd Wave: Guard Tower/Turret Wave (Drones + Soldiers)

4th Wave: Goliath Wave

Note that when you reenter this, it will not always start with Soldier wave, but the following waves will still follow the same order. An example would be if you reenter the raid and wave 3rd Guard Tower/Turret wave is summoned, then the following wave will be 4th Goliath. Keep in mind that the Sweepers spawned when an enemy is killed do not contribute to the groggy bar.


One of the most common strategies used in Chesed is to forfeit your team at phase 2 when you have built enough groggy on the boss. This allows your next team to trigger Exposed Throne quickly while also being able to build up enough cost to focus on dealing damage to the boss.

Recommended Groggy before retreat

Forfeit Team 1 then reenter with Team 2 Bossing team

Team Building

Chesed is a raid that has two distinct phases that you will want to look out for. While phase 1 is all about having a strong team that can clear waves quickly, phase 2 requires you to balance out your Single-Target and AoE damage dealers. If you have a limited roster of students, then it is important to not bring all of your AoE students in phase 1 to ensure that you have AoE damage dealers for the next phase. Unlike the Extreme version of this raid, Chesed and the mobs now deal Explosive damage, which puts most Light armored students off the table.

For newer players that are looking to clear Chesed, for phase 1 we recommend having at least 2-3 AoE students, 1 tank, and 1 healer. You can then fill in the rest of the slots with generic supports or healers.

Sample Teams

Note that it is more important that you fill in the role that the team needs rather than looking for a specific student as the best options will change overtime as more students get released.

Phase 1

Team 1


Team 2

Tsurugi,Cherino,Nonomi,Ui,Moe,Nodoka (Hot Spring)

Phase 2

Team 1 (No Tank)

Mika,Cherino,Momoi,Iori,Fuuka (New Year),Himari

Team 2


Sample Teams


Yuuka,Tsubaki,Natsu,Atsuko,Hoshino,Yuuka (Track),Hoshino (Swimsuit)

Piercing AoE Damage Dealers

Iori,Tsurugi,Junko,Nonomi,Cherino,Momoi,Midori,Aru (New Year),Moe,Serika (New Year),Saya (Casual),Sumire

Piercing Single Target Damage Dealers



Koharu,Kokona,Mari (Track),Nodoka (Hot Spring),Hanae,Serina,Chinatsu,Ayane


Hoshino (Swimsuit),Ui,Ako,Fuuka (New Year),Himari,Kotama,Serina (Christmas)

Video Showcase

Credits to adipose9#9276

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