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This is yet another mode where you can spend your AP on to obtain materials that can be used to raise students. You can use Commissions to obtain Activity Reports from Base Defense or Credits from Item Retrieval.

Like most farming stages in this game, if you are able to obtain 3 stars in a stage, you can simply sweep it forever. Base Defense and Item Retrieval both have their own gimmick that we will go over later, but thankfully they are consistent with said gimmick, so if you understand how to deal with it early, you'll know what to do for all of the stages. The higher the stage level finished, the better the quality of Activity Reports and Credits obtained.

It is important to note that despite being stages that are advertised to obtain Activity Reports and Credits easily, the ratio of the AP used to the materials obtained from these stages even at the highest of difficulties isn't actually very good, especially when an event is currently running or there is a x2 or x3 drop rate event for other nodes running at the moment. As such, it is more efficient to use your AP elsewhere unless you are really in a pinch where a student needs leveling ASAP or you're just a few credits short to upgrade an important skill.

The x2 or x3 drop rate event also affects Commissions occasionally though. During these times, that is when spending AP on these stages actually becomes worth it.

Base Defense

Your goal is to destroy swarms of cube-shaped robot enemies under a limited amount of time. They all have Heavy armor and inflict Normal damage. This means that you'll want to use Pierce-type students, especially the ones that already have AoE attacks or EX skills. Nonomi and Momoi are just some examples of students that nearly every player will have and can contribute greatly all the way even until the final stage.

The cubes themselves inflict low damage on a single enemy, however, since they swarm around, it is likely the a single student will be taking damage from multiple cubes at the same time. As such, frontliner students that are not tanks are not recommended to use.

One of the best strategies to take group up the cubes together far away from your attackers is to use Serina's EX to throw your tank in the middle of the cube swarm, giving your damage dealers some breathing room and better aim while healing the tank in the process.

Recommended students (Striker):

Nonomi,Momoi,Midori,Cherino,Sumire,Hoshino,Junko,Hifumi,Tsubaki,Hoshino (Swimsuit),Yuzu

Recommended students (Special):

Serina,Kotama,Hifumi (Swimsuit),Ako,Himari,Saya (Casual),Moe

Item Retrieval

In this stage, a single boss spawns. It has Mystic armor and does not deal any damage whatsoever, so feel free to bring your best damage dealing students without worrying about retaliation from the boss.

Every time you drop the boss HP to 0, it drops some Credits and then instantly regenerates full health, with the boss gaining more HP every time it regenerates, up to a maximum of 5 times.

Your biggest issue here is time. Unlike with Base Defense, the timer here is much more strict, as you only get 30 seconds to drop the boss HP to 0. Thankfully, the timer resets every time you manage to drop its HP to 0.

While Base Defense wants students that excel in dealing with multiple enemies, Item Retrieval wants students that excel in dealing strong damage against a single target. Haruna and Izuna are good choices here.

Debuffers will also come in handy. Akane and Maki may not be Mystic-type students for instance, but they have skills that can decrease the defense of the boss, allowing your other actual damage dealers to wipe the floor with it.

Recommended students (Striker):

Mika,Haruna,Izuna,Wakamo,Aris,Mashiro (Swimsuit),Azusa (Swimsuit),Izuna (Swimsuit),Michiru

Recommended students (Special):



  1. On the Base Defense Striker category you put Hoshino (regular) twice. Did you mean for one of them to be the swimsuit version?

    • Yup, this is my bad. Swimsuit Hoshino is good enough to tank and her EX being active helps speed up your rotations greatly. Thanks for the heads up!

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