Hieronymus Extreme Overview

Stats and Skills

Hieronymus (Extreme)
Max HP: 6 000 000Crit DMG: 200%
ATK: 4,650Crit DMG RES: 50%
DEF: 2,900Stability: 300
Healing: 1Range: 2,000
Accuracy: 1,200Defense Piercing: 0
Evasion: 1Incoming DMG RES: 60%
Crit: 200Groggy Gauge: 99,999,999
Crit RES: 100Groggy Duration: 5s
Damasus' Call

Deals 350% damage to enemies in a circular area. Damage increases by up to 50% the lower the target's current HP.
Vulgate's Sacred Book

Inflicts Curse on one enemy for 10s, continuously dealing 20% damage to them every 1s. After 10s, the target will explode dealing 325% damage in a circular area around them. If the target is healed to 100% HP, the curse will be removed.
Reaper's Execution

Deals 90% damage to enemies in a circular area.
Desert Penance

Every 10s, deals 40% damage to all enemies. When Hieronymus's ATG gauge is full, deals damage to each enemy equal to 1000% of their Max HP.
Holy Light (Relic)

When a relic is healed to 100% HP, it loses 95% of its HP while decreasing its Recovery Boost by 50% for 20s and activates one of the following effects depending on the relic:

Green Relic: Increases Hieronymus's Incoming Damage by 55% until the end of battle. Effect can stack up to 5 times.

Red Relic: Interrupts Hieronymus's currently active skill. If a skill is successfully interrupted, fills Hieronymus's groggy gauge to the maximum and increases the Cost Recovery of up to 4 students by 2500 for 1s.


Before getting into Hieronymus’ main mechanics, there are a few things to keep in mind. This boss has a high amount of DEF (2900), this provides the boss with a large damage reduction value. In addition to this, Hieronymus is also one of the few raid bosses with Incoming DMG RES. Which results in any team barely doing any damage if you ignore the mechanics. Additionally, all of Hieronymus attacks deal more damage the lower the students’ HP.

Phase 1

The main mechanic to mitigate the damage reduction is the Green Relic, which is found on the left side of the screen and will start with 0 HP. Healing this Relic applies a debuff onto Hieronymus, which increases Incoming Damage by 55%. This effect can be stacked up to 5 times, making healers essential to clear this raid. 

After applying the debuff to the boss, the Green Relic will reset back to 5% HP, allowing you to apply the debuff again. Note that after applying the debuff onto Hieronymus, it will apply a 50% Recovery Boost debuff to itself. So while it may be tempting to spam heal the Green Relic to brute force through the debuff, we do not recommend this to newer players, as it is unlikely you will have them at the required investment to pull this off.

If you have healed the Relic at the right timings while waiting for the debuff to expire, you should have max stacks at around 1:50 to 1:00 left on the timer. After you have applied all 5 stacks of the Incoming DMG debuff onto Hieronymus, the Relic will disappear, and the debuff will stay until the current battle has finished. 

The next mechanic to look out for is the Curse. which deals damage overtime to a random student. This lasts for 10 seconds and will have a timer on top of the affected student. This will continue to tick down and deal damage until you have fully healed the student. If the debuff expires before you are able to heal them to full, the Curse will deal a large amount of damage in an AoE around the target.

You can check the Curse timings below in the General Mindset section.

Phase 2

During Phase 2, not much will change for the core mechanics of the fight. The only thing to take note of here is that Hieronymus will now have an ATG bar, which will fill up over time. Once this bar has been filled, it will cast an instant wipe skill, which ends the run immediately. This will happen after 110 seconds have passed in Phase 2. 

The insta-wipe mechanic can be canceled by healing the Red Relic, which is only found during Phase 2. Be mindful when healing the Relic, as it is possible to heal it too early, which leads to you canceling another attack or after its initial animation, which is too late. 

There are generally 2 ways to know when to heal the Red Relic. The first of which happens when you see the ATG bar fully filled up while the left staff glowing red, and when the ATG bar is depleted, there will be a small window to cancel the wipe.

General Mindset

Hieronymus is a straightforward raid that mainly tests how well you are able to build your team for this raid. The main flow of this raid consists of healing the Green Relic while it does not have the debuff or even with a debuff if you can brute force it. While keeping an eye out for the Curse to remove the debuff and managing your team’s health.

For players who are new to this raid, here are some pointers to guide you through the raid.

  • At the beginning of the fight, you will want to fully heal the Green Relic right away. This makes it so that the Recovery Boost debuff timer starts as soon as possible.
  • It is important to heal the Curse effect on students since it can deal significant damage to your damage dealers. Listed below are rough estimates for Curse timings.

(Note that these estimates include some leeway to give you prep enough skill points)

  • First Curse 3:07 - 2:55 
  • Second Curse 2:08 - 2:02
  • Third Curse 1:25 - 0:54
  • Fourth Curse 0:25 - 0:15 


Hieronymus’ Curse has a unique interaction with shields; if a student has full HP and has a shield applied onto them, the Curse will be cleansed immediately

Team Building 

Team building for Hieronymus is especially important as it is most of the raid. Generally, you will need 1 Tank, 1 DPS, and 1 or 2 Healers. 

Below we have listed some notable options you can bring to Hieronymus, Note that these are only some of the viable picks for this raid and there are other alternatives available.


Hoshino (Swimsuit),Tsubaki,Atsuko,Yuuka,Natsu,Yuuka (Track),Eimi,Haruka

Damage Dealers

Azusa,Nonomi (Swimsuit),Toki,Saori,Misaki,Mutsuki,Aru


Nodoka (Hot Spring),Koharu,Kokona,Mari (Track),Ayane,Chinatsu,Serina,Hanae


Ako,Fuuka (New Year),Shizuko (Swimsuit),Himari,Kotama,Nagisa,Hiyori,Izuna (Swimsuit),Noa,Akane,Cherino

Backup Damage Dealers



Credits to Adipose9
Credits to Adipose9

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