Joint Firing Drill 13 Breakthrough Guide

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General Stratagy

Unlike the previous Joint Firing Drill that Global had, this one is extremely simple and straightforward, as there aren’t any actual battle mechanics to take note of. Instead, this rotation of JFD mainly tests your ability to build teams around the boss’s gimmick; taking extra damage from Damage Over Time effects such as Chill, Burn, Poison, or Passionate Cheering.

Team Building

When team building for this Joint Firing Drill, you will want to bring at least 1 or 2 DoT damage dealers, as one of the mechanics deals an additional 70,000 damage whenever a DoT triggers. It is important to keep in mind that you do not want to use all your DoT damage dealers in one team, as your other teams will struggle to get a decent score.

A few stand-out options for the DoT damage dealer role are S.Chise, S.iori, S.Azusa, Saya, and Midori + Momoi. Keep in mind that if you plan to bring Midori, you need to have a Momoi in the same team to trigger her Poison. Chise is also another strong option, however, since her DoT has a low chance of activating, there may be some resetting involved. 

If you have slots to fill in a team, you can consider bringing supports or your standard Mystic damage dealers as a Sub-DPS. However, do note that at the highest difficulty, the boss has a large DEF value of 1,391 and gets a Crit RES buff, which means you cannot reliably run a team without a DoT in the team. Thankfully since the boss does not attack the player, you are able to forgo bringing a tank altogether. 

Character Recommendation

Note that characters listed here are only some of the viable options


Chise (Swimsuit),Chise,Iori (Swimsuit),Saya,Azusa (Swimsuit),Juri,Midori,Momoi,Saki,Michiru

Mystic DPS:

Izuna,Wakamo,Izuna (Swimsuit),Hasumi (Track)

General Supports:

Fuuka (New Year),Himari,Kotama,Ui,Cherino,Chinatsu (Hot Spring)

General Stage Information

Constant Effects

Drill Terrain (Field Warfare)
This drill will take place in outdoor terrain.
Enemy Defense Type (Special Armor)
Enemies' defense type will be Special Armor.

Stage Details

Stage 3 and 4
Enemies Level: 65 (Stage 3) & 78 (Stage 4) 
Additional Stage Machenics:
Burn, Chill, Poison & Passionate Cheering Additional Damage
Enemies receive an additional 70,000 damage whenever Burn, Chill, Poison or Passionate Cheering is inflicted or these effects deal damage.

All enemies' Max HP is increased by 150%.

Increased Enemy Crit RES (Stage 4 Only)
All enemies' Crit RES is increased by 700.



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