Joint Firing Drill 14 Shooting Drill Guide

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General Stratagy

Similar to the previous Joint Firing Drill that was released in Global, this stage is relatively simple, with only a few things to look out for. The main thing you will want to keep in mind is enemies gain a 500% ATK buff but will have their MOV SPD reduced by 50% in addition to being immune to being pulled or knocked back. The main strategy is to clear out the Sweeper as quickly as possible before they are able to swarm your team. This puts a heavy emphasis on bringing AoE damage dealers to deal with the high amounts of enemies that will be spawning

While there are a few things you can do to speed up your run, they are not necessary if your goal is only to get 212,700 points. However, if your goal is to get the 242,300 points rewards, then we recommend to quickly move/reposition your team to their spawn point to offset the MOV SPD debuff to help clear this stage faster. Note that going for 242,300 points can be somewhat expensive if you do not have access to core students such as Cherino, Ui, and Fuuka (New Year).

Team Building

Team building for this Joint Firing Drill is relatively straightforward. You will want to bring your generic supports and an AoE Piercing damage dealer to deal with the large horde of Sweepers that will spawn. A student who stands out as a notable choice for this role is Cherino, as she is able to cover a large AoE with her EX Skill while also increasing the team’s Cost Recovery with her Sub Skill. Lastly, keep in mind that this Joint Firing Drill reduces the HP of Tanks by 80%, but this only applies to students that the game classifies as a Tank. Meaning students such as Tsurugi and Hoshino (Swimsuit) will not have their HP reduced.

Character Recommendation

Note that characters listed here are only some of the viable options

Piercing AoE:

Cherino,Momoi,Iori,Nonomi,Junko,Moe,Serika (New Year),Midori,Aru (New Year),Tsurugi

General Supports:

Himari,Fuuka (New Year),Kotama,Haruka (New Year),Ui,Ayane (Swimsuit,Yuuka (Track),Shun,Utaha,Serina

General Stage Information

Constant Effects

Drill Terrain (Field Warfare)
This drill will take place in outdoor terrain.
Enemy Defense Type (Heavy Armor)
Enemies' defense type will be Heavy Armor.

Stage Details

Stage 3 and 4
Enemies Level: 65 (Stage 3) & 78 (Stage 4) 
Additional Stage Mechanics:
Movement Speed Decrease, ATK Increase
All enemies' ATK is increased by 500% but their MOV SPD is decreased by 50%.

Enemies are also immune to being knocked back or pulled in by skills.
Max HP Decrease
(Stage 4 Only)
All enemies' Crit RES is increased by 700.


Enhanced SweeperModded SweeperSweeper

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