Active Senseis with a big student roster to raise will quickly find themselves wanting in terms of resources, most prominently, Tech Notes and Blu-Rays. This mode is there to assist Senseis get more of such resources.

As can be seen above, Lessons will allow you to choose which school's Tech Notes and Blu-Rays you want to obtain. There are currently 9 available Lesson areas that one can choose from, most of which are areas under a certain academy. This means that if you want Tech Notes from, say, Gehenna, you can simply choose the Gehenna Hub for a chance in getting Tech Notes from Gehenna exclusively.

Unfortunately, Arius and Valkyrie currently do not have dedicated locations for them yet, so the only way to obtain Tech Notes and Blu-Rays for them would be in Schale Office, Schale Residence Hall, and D.U. Shiratori City. These 3 locations also have Tech Notes and Blu-Rays for most schools, but you have a random chance of getting a Tech Note and Blu-Ray from any of the schools listed in said location. When these 3 locations have a high enough area rank though, you may also get a choice ticket version, letting you pick a Tech Note or Blu-Ray for any school you want.

Like many other modes, events may occasionally appear, giving a boost to the number of Tech Notes and Blu-Rays dropped by Lessons.

Lesson Tickets

You can't just spam every area in Lessons, as you only have a limited number of tickets per day to use. This means you will want to plan your ticket usage wisely and spend it on students or academies you think you'll really need the resources from.

When you start out, you will only have 3 tickets available for use per day. The maximum number of tickets you can have will increase the higher the combined area rank of every location you have, up to a maximum of 7 tickets per day at area rank 80.

You will also have the option to purchase additional Lesson tickets if you truly wish, though it is generally preferred that you buy them during x2 or x3 bonus events.

As tickets fully refresh every day, it is recommended that you spend all tickets before the day passes.

Area Level

The area levels on each location determine how many locations are available for Lessons, what locations are available, and most importantly, what rarity of Tech Notes and Blu-Rays they drop. When you start off, you will only have access to one location per area which also has the lowest rarity Tech Notes and Blu Rays at first.

You can, however, increase the area's level simply by having Lessons on said area as much as possible. The higher the area level, the more locations available and the rarer Tech Notes and Blu-Rays you can obtain. If there is an academy or area you wish to grow fast, then simply prioritize having lessons there first.

Student Relationship Bonus

Other than the Cafe, doing Lessons is also another opportunity for you to raise your student's Bond Level and potentially obtain additional elephs at the same time. However do note that, like the Tech Notes and Blu Rays, the bonus elephs are not guaranteed.

It is also important to note that you can only increase the Bond Level and get elephs of students that are on your roster. and that this bonus does not apply to students outside of said roster. An easy way to tell which students you have and which students you don't is to check which ones have hearts on their icons, as that means that the student is one you have.

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