Phrenapates Showdown Boss Guide


This is the end of the line. The only thing standing between us and the safety of Kivotos is Shiroko Terror and Phrenapates. It's time for us to show them what we Senseis stand for.

This event functions similarly to the world bosses of Nsir's Summit, where Senseis have to combine their powers and damage together to bring the boss down. However, unlike Nsir's Summit, there is only one boss that we need to deal with: Shiroko Terror. Here, we will break down the mechanics found in this fight, as it's quite a unique one.

Shiroko Terror

The main star of the show is Shiroko Terror, bringing with her the same skills she has from the Ark of Atrahasis Conquest event. For Senseis who may have forgotten or were unable to see her moves due to beating her too fast (which can easily be done through the story fights) or being unable to beat her in Challenge 5 of the event, here's a refresher:

Drone Support

Shiroko Terror uses her drone to launch missiles at a single target. This skill is similar to Shiroko's EX.

Riding Grenade

Shiroko Terror throws a grenade at a single target, which then deals AoE damage to all enemies in a circle. The skill is similar to Shiroko (Riding)'s EX.

Tactical Suppression

Shiroko Terror brings out a shotgun and riot shield and shoots multiple times in a row in a fan-shaped area, damaging all students caught in the area. The last shot of this skill stuns students for 1.5 seconds. This skill is similar to Hoshino's, but unlike Hoshino, Shiroko Terror does not move from her position while using this skill.

Yup, It's Punishment Time

Shiroko Terror summons a minigun and deals damage in a fan-shaped area, sweeping from one side to the other, damaging all students caught in it. She sweeps the area twice, and thus can hit students with this skill twice as well. The skill is similar to Nonomi, but it has an added effect of knocking back students hit by this skill, which is an effect exclusive to Shiroko Terror.


Shiroko Terror whips out a spherical object and activates it to deal guaranteed crit damage to every enemy in the battlefield. This attack cannot be avoided, as it is a fieldwide effect, but its damage can be mitigated or blocked with the right skills. This skill is exclusive to Shiroko Terror.


You may notice that Phrenapates is also on the battlefield. While Phrenapates can be targeted and even has an HP bar above themselves, don't even bother trying to target them. Any and all attacks sent their way are guaranteed to miss, meaning that all of your efforts should be focused on Shiroko Terror instead.

Phrenapates fulfills more of a support role, assisting Shiroko Terror in various ways.

Terrain Switching

Every 1 minute, Phrenapates changes the terrain of the environment. The battlefield will start as Indoor Terrain, followed by Outdoor, and finally, Urban. Student buffs or debuffs according to their liked or disliked terrain will also apply as soon as the terrain switches.

Echoes of Chroma - Alpha

A joint skill with Shiroko Terror. Shiroko Terror deals damage to all enemies caught in a straight line, while Phrenapates deals damage to all enemeis caught in a donut-shaped area.

What's important to note here is that Phrenapates skill is significantly stronger than Shiroko Terror's, but thankfully it can be stopped. A CC (Crowd Control) bar will appear on Phrenapates' HP bar, and if it fills up (4.5 seconds) while Phrenapates is charging their skill, they will be stunned, unable to cast the skill. What's more, your students get a nice attack buff for a short amount of time.

Echoes of Chroma - Beta

Another joint skill with Shiroko Terror, but their positions are swapped. This time, Shiroko Terror's skill deals damage to enemies in a donut-shaped area, while Phrenapates deals damage to enemies in a straight line.

As with the first skill, Phrenapates' skill can be interrupted with enough CC skills to fill up the CC gauge.

In both instances of the skill, Shiroko Terror's skill cannot be cancelled, so you must either tank the hit or use certain EX skills to move your students out of the way.

It may also seem confusing to see which skill is being casted by who, since they cast them at relatively similar times, but an easy way to differentiate the two is that Shiroko Terror will always cast her version of the skill first, meaning the first damage bar that appears cannot be interrupted. The second damage bar that appears, casted by Phrenapates, is the skill that can be interrupted.

Both skills are casted a total of 4 times over the course of the battle. Once for the first terrain, once for the second terrain, and twice for the third terrain.

First cast. Shiroko Terror's skill is the large line. Phrenapates' is the donut.
Second cast. Shiroko Terror's skill is the donut. Phrenapates' is the large line.
Third cast. Shiroko Terror's skill is the large line. Phrenapates' is the donut.
Fourth and final cast. Shiroko Terror's skill is the donut. Phrenapates' is the large line.

Phase 2

After depleting Shiroko Terror's health, Phrenapates buffs Shiroko Terror, and phase 2 of the fight begins.

Two bars appear on the top screen, with the two Aronas duking it out. Our Arona is on the left side, and our job is to deplete the opposing Arona's bar by dealing as much damage to Shiroko Terror as possible. If our side's firepower is insufficient, the opposing Arona's bar will swell instead, pushing back our Arona. Victory is achieved by either side if they manage to push their side all the way to the other side.

After a certain amount of time has passed, Arona will activate Fever Time, greatly increasing our Cost Recovery, but keep in mind that Phrenapates can also activate Fever Time.


There is only one boss to deal with here, as Phrenapates is invincible to any and all attacks. This means that single-target students will excel in dealing the most damage to Shiroko Terror. She has no weaknesses or resistances in terms of damage, so feel free to bring your best single-target student to deal the most damage towards her.

The main threat here is Shiroko Terror and Phrenapates' joint attacks. While Shiroko Terror's other EX skills are only mildy threatening, the joint attacks that she has with Phrenapates can easily cause a team wipe if not deal with appropriately. There are two ways you can deal with them to mitigate the damage dealt to your team: Using students with CC EX skills to stun Phrenapates or using students with EX skills that can move your entire team around.

  • If you have students with CC EX skills, you can stun Phrenapates, making one of the joint attacks a non-threat and even buffing the rest of your students' attack to damage Shiroko Terror even more.
  • If you have students that can move the entire team around, you can simply move your students around to a safe spot, away from the attacks of Shiroko Terror and Phrenapates.

Best-case scenario, you can afford to field both of these types of students to make these threats nearly nonexistent.

Phase 2 isn't that threatening, as it is more of a DPS race to make sure your team's bar goes beyond the opponents before you run out of time.

Recommended students

Sample Team

Crowd Control


Student Repositioning

Yuuka (Track),Shizuko (Swimsuit),Fuuka

Single target damage dealer

Mika,Azusa,Maki,Kazusa,Saori,Toki,Iori,Nonomi (Swimsuit),Hasumi,Haruna,Aris,Azusa (Swimsuit),Wakamo,Hasumi (Track),Izuna


Hoshino (Swimsuit),Ui,Fuuka (New Year),Ako,Kotama,Himari,Serina,Cherino,Izuna (Swimsuit)


  • The students above can be replaced with other students listed in the same role with varying results. Keep in mind that some of the students shown in the picture are best at their roles though, such as Mika being the best DPS and Yuuka (Track) being the best repositioning student.
  • Tsubaki can fully fill Phrenapates' CC bar in 1 EX even if it is level 1. She also doubles as tank duty, making her ideal to be raised for this fight.
  • If using Shizuko (Swimsuit) instead of Yuuka (Track) for repositioning, you will want to add another support Striker student to buff your DPS carry in the fight to make up for the lack of a second Special buffing student.

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