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Decagrammaton is an artificial intelligence system claiming to be a divine seeker of truth. It is followed by ten prophets who make appearances all over Kivotos. Binah, the third prophet of Decagrammaton, was first seen in the desert district of Abydos. Why Binah came here is unknown, but it's too dangerous to be left to do as it pleases.


Atsilut's Light

EX Skill
Deals 120% damage to enemies in a straight line.

Fires of Severity

EX Skill
Deals 200% damage to 4 enemies.

Purifying Storm

EX Skill
Deals 300% damage to all enemies and decreases their DEF by 50% for 30s.

Heavy Sandstorm

Passive Skill
Decreases all enemies' HIT by 20% and Stability by 50%. This debuff cannot be removed.