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Decagrammaton is an artificial intelligence system claiming to be a divine seeker of truth. It is followed by ten prophets who make appearances all over Kivotos. Chesed, the fourth prophet of Decagrammaton, has control of an abandoned munitions factory on the outskirts of Millennium. Kivotos will face unprecedented disaster if Chesed produces an unlimited supply of troops.


Call of the Throne

EX Skill
Summons automaton soldiers. Chesed's ATG gauge gradually fills while soldiers are alive and resets after all soldiers have been defeated. Automaton soldiers also fill Chesed's groggy gauge (25% total per wave) when defeated. If not killed within 20s, automaton soldiers will use the skill "Self-Destruct Activated", changing their FormChange to a self-destruct attack that deals 3000% damage to enemies in a circular area around them. Whenever a Goliath is defeated, releases an EMP blast that inflicts Paralysis on all other automaton soldiers in a circular area for 3s.

Witness My Supreme Powers

EX Skill
When Chesed's ATG gauge is half full, increases the AttackSpeed and MoveSpeed of all remaining automaton soldiers by 50% for 60s.

Majesty's Mercy

EX Skill
When ATG gauge is full, deals 2000% damage to all enemies.

Exposed Throne

Passive Skill
Immune to all effects that increase DamagedRatio. When Chesed's groggy gauge is full, reveals Chesed's core and increases DamagedRatio by 900% for 20s.