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Shiro & Kuro

Shiro & Kuro

A mysterious phenomenon has been reported in Slumpia, a theme park that went bankrupt long ago. Rumor has it that the animatronics and other attractions have now come back to life in the middle of the night to attack people. It is unknown why the animatronics, Shiro and Kuro, are active again, but it seems clear that they are trying to recreate the wonderful festivals of the theme park's past.


Dun-Dun-Dun! (Shiro)

EX Skill
Places bombs that explode after a short while and deal 400% damage to enemies in a circular area. Damage and number of bombs placed increases as Shiro's ATG gauge increases.

Keep Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'! (Shiro)

EX Skill
Summons a rolling bomb that deals 600% damage to enemies in a straight line. The bomb deals 300% damage to obstacles in its path. If an obstacle is hit but not destroyed, the bomb will bounce in the opposite direction, filling Shiro's groggy gauge by .

Charge! (Kuro)

EX Skill
Summons theme park rides that deals 400% damage to enemies in a straight line. Damage increases as Kuro's ATG gauge increases. If Kuro is hit by this attack, fills Kuro's groggy gauge by .

Lethargy (Kuro)

EX Skill
Deals 100% damage to enemies and decreases their MoveSpeed by 80% for 40s.

Horror of Slumpia

Passive Skill
Decreases all enemies' HealEffectiveness by 80%. This debuff cannot be removed.