Should you pull for Haruka (New Year)?

As we finish up the current dead week and rerun banners, we have a returning event, "New Year’s Rhapsody No.68". This event features 2 new students, Kayoko (New Year) and Haruka (New Year). This event rerun also brings back 3 returning students Mutuski (New Year) + Aru (New Year) who are both Limited characters and Serika (New Year) a Permanent student. In this article, we will briefly go over whether Haruka (New Year) is worth pulling for or saving for another banner.


NY.Haruka is a Permanent 3* Explosive special student who is mainly used as a debuffer and supporter. She decreases both Crit DMG RES and Crit RES for one enemy, which synergizes well as it increases both the damage and consistency of Crits against enemies with high Crit RES. In addition to this, her Sub Skill increases the team's Cost Recovery, which is always a welcome effect. While Unique Equipment 40 provides a decent effect by extending her debuff durations, this is usually not required as her debuff durations are long.

As a debuffer, she can be used in raids that have high Crit RES, such as Goz and HOD. Most recently, she has found usage in Gregorius as the raid’s mechanics mainly revolve around the number of debuffs you can apply and with NY.Haruka applying 3 debuffs with her EX and Basic Skill, making her a great choice for this raid.

A more In-depth review about Haruka (New Year) can be found here.

Should you pull on this banner?

Now that we know what Haruka provides to the team, is she worth pulling for?
First and foremost, if Haruka is your favorite student, then don't let this guide stop you from pulling her. As at the end of the day it is your game and account. 

For newer players or non-competitive players, No. While NY.Haruka is a strong debuffer that provides debuffs that are hard to come by; she is currently not required to clear any raid. However, if you are lacking a debuffer to fulfill the conditions in Gregorius, then you can consider picking up NY.Haruka to help meet those requirements. In addition to this, she is not as effective as Ako when going up against raids that have low Crit RES and Crit DMG RES.

However, for competitive players that want to clear Torment NY.Haruka has found usage in some raids, such as HOD, as that raid has a lot of Crit RES. Outside of this NY.Haruka also has a Sub Skill similar to Himari, which increases the Cost Recovery of the team. Note that she also shares a banner with NY.Mutsuki and NY.Kayoko, so in case you get either or both of them early, you can spark NY.Haruka.

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