Should you pull for Izuna?

With the "New Year’s Rhapsody No.68” rerun event coming to an end, we are once again greeted with 2 rerun banners, Izuna and Mimori. In this article, we will briefly go over Izuna’s use case and if she is worth pulling for. 


Izuna is a Permanent 3* Mystic student who is mainly used as a Single-Target damage dealer with some additional utility built into her skill set. She is also part of the farmable pool of students via Hard Stages, which makes it accessible to all players to reach Unique Equipment 50.

Izuna’s skill set mainly revolves around increasing her personal damage output via Auto Attacks. Her damage up to this day still holds up and allows her to find usage in several Mystic raids, namely ShiroKuro. Her armor type and ability to reposition herself allows her to deal with the core mechanics of both phases with ease. While there will be a better Mystic Auto Attacker released in the near future, she is still a strong student who is accessible to all players.

A more In-depth review about Izuna will be available soon

Should you pull on this banner?

Now that we know what Izuna provides to the team, is she worth pulling for?
First and foremost, if Izuna is your favorite student, then don't let this guide stop you from pulling her. As at the end of the day it is your game and account. 

No, even if Izuna is a strong Single-Target damage dealer for Mystic raids, at the end of the day, she is a farmable student. While it may take some time to get enough Elephs to raise her to Unique Equipment 50, it is hard to justify spending Pyroxenes on her when she is available for free. In addition to this, there is also an upcoming banner that will be available in the future, namely Aris (Maid), who is also a strong Mystic Auto Attacker.

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