Should you pull for Mimori?

With the “New Year’s Rhapsody No.68” rerun event coming to an end, we are once again greeted with 2 rerun banners, Izuna and Mimori. In this article, we will briefly go over Mimori’s use case and if she is worth pulling for. 


Mimori is a Permanent 3* Mystic student who has mainly been used for her repositioning effect on her EX Skill. She also has other utility skills built into her kit to help with the team's survival, such as DEF buffs and HP Regen.

Mimori has mainly found niche usage in certain raids, mostly for her ability to reposition the entire team with her EX Skill while also providing some offensive utility in the form of ATK SPD buffs. The most notable raids she shines in are Kaiten and ShiroKuro, as the team can highly benefit from being repositioned. While she can also be used for Goz Insane, she unfortunately has a bad armor matchup and is prone to being one-shotted.

A more In-depth review about Mimori can be found here.

Should you pull on this banner?

Now that we know what Mimori provides to the team, is she worth pulling for? 
First and foremost, if Mimori is your favorite student, then don't let this guide stop you from pulling her. As at the end of the day it is your game and account.

No, while Mimori does provide extra utility in the form of her reposition and defensive buffs, there is a cheaper and more accessible student available, namely Kotori, who performs similarly to Mimori as they have the same armor type and can be farmed all the way up to Unique Equipment 50 via Hard Stages. In addition to this, Shizuko (Swimsuit) will be available again in the future, along with a Yuuka (Track) rerun banner not far behind.

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