Should you pull for Reisa?

With the “Alabaster Calling Card” event coming to a close, we are once again greeted to a rerun event with 3 student banners namely, Natsu and Kazusa alongside a new student Reisa. In this article, we will briefly go over Reisa’s use case and whether she is worth pulling for.


Reisa is a Permanent 3* Piercing Striker student who can generally be used to fill multiple roles in a team. She has most commonly been used as a generalist tank who can debuff enemies to help with the team’s damage output. With her Unique Equipment unlocked, she starts to deal a respectable amount of damage with her EX Skill.

Due to the wide coverage of roles Reisa can fulfill, she can find usage in almost any raid for Extreme and below, where bosses do not have damage types. However, for Insane+ she can be used in Gregorius as a debuffer, Perorodzilla as a tank with cleanse built into her kit, or HOD as a Tank with a DEF debuff and some Crowd Control.

A more In-depth review about Reisa can be found here.

Should you pull on this banner?

Now that we know what Reisa provides to the team, is she worth pulling for? First and foremost, if Reisa is your favorite student, then don't let this guide stop you from pulling her. As at the end of the day it is your game and account.

If you are considering whether or not you want to pull for Reisa. It is important to take note of what students you have available in your roster. Since Reisa can cover such a wide range of roles, she would be a strong pick-up IF you do not have the core students to fulfill those roles

An example would be, do you need a tank or cleanse for the Perorodzilla laser. If you have Natsu, Reisa would either replace her or become a backup option in that raid. Another reason why you should consider picking up Reisa is IF you are lacking debuffers for Gregorius, such as Mine in addition to skipping other core pick-ups for that raid such as S.Saki, S.Miyako, and Mina.

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