Should you pull for Tsukuyo?

Continuing the constant stream of event reruns and the addition of event recaps, we now have “An Unconcealed Heart” along with 4 rate-up banners, namely Tsukuyo, Iroha, and Kaede being rerun students and Kaho for our new student. In this article, we will briefly go over whether or not Tsukuyo is worth pulling for. 


Tsukuyo is a Permanent 3* Mystic student who has mainly been used as a tank that specializes in dealing with medium sized enemies. While she does not need a lot of investment to be used in general content and raids, if you plan to bring her along in PvP, we recommend raising her to Unique Equipment 40.

Tsukuyo’s skill set has been mainly designed around debuffing medium sized enemies while also performing well in mobbing content or 1 enemy that has fast attacks. As a tank, she has mainly found usage in Kaiten and, most recently Wakamo (Hovercraft). Outside of this, she can still be used as a generalist tank if you do not have other alternatives or need an extra team to clear a raid.

A more In-depth review about Tsukuyo can be found here.

Should you pull on this banner?

Now that we know what Tsukuyo provides to the team, is she worth pulling for? First and foremost, if Tsukuyo is your favorite student, then don't let this guide stop you from pulling her. As at the end of the day it is your game and account.

In general, No. Since Tsukuyo only aims to help you clear raids faster allowing you to get a higher score, for most players, this is usually not required to clear the raids she has good scores in.

However, for competitive players who are looking to maximize their scores for Kaiten, she is a core pick-up for phase 1. This is due to her ability to apply a large DEF debuff onto enemies for a long duration with ease. It is important to note that this effect ONLY applies to enemies that are medium sized, which limits the content she can be used in. Another notable use case for Tsukuyo is in an upcoming raid Wakamo (Hovercraft), which features another medium sized enemy allowing her to apply a large DEF down. Outside of this, she can be used in PvP as a tank at high investments to improve her survivability.

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