Sweet Secret Shootouts Overview

As the “Alabaster Calling Card” event comes to a close, we are greeted by a rerun event “Sweet Secret Shootouts”. This event features 2 returning student banners, Natsu and Kazusa, and a new student banner Reisa. More details about their kit can be found in their respective overviews.

Similar to the original run of this event, it has 3 event currencies that can be farmed and 1 currency that is obtained via boxes. However, unlike the original run of this event, it will only last for 1 week, which can make it difficult for some players to clear out the shop. You can also consider farming Artifacts that can be farmed from stages, which can be a good time to stock up if you are running low

Currency Drops per Stage
Bolded text is the best stage to farm the currency

  • All Drops: Stage 1, Stage 5, Stage 9
  • Mini Chocolate Parfait: Stage 2, Stage 6, Stage 10
  • Macaron: Stage 3, Stage 7, Stage 11
  • Sweets Coupon: Stage 4, Stage 8, Stage 12

Artifact Drops per stage
Note that higher difficulty stages have better drops.

  • Disco Colgante: Stage 1, Stage 5, Stage 9
  • Aether: Stage 2, Stage 6, Stage 10
  • Mandrake: Stage 3, Stage 7, Stage 11
  • Nimrud Lens: Stage 4, Stage 8, Stage 12

Event Currencies and Shops

Mini Chocolate Parfait

Starting things off, we have the Mini Chocolate Parfait. The main items to look out for here are both school Blu-rays for Trinity and Valkyrie. We highly recommend at least buying out both Superior and Advanced rarities since they are harder to come by. After this, you can then consider picking up the Artifacts and Activity Reports, if you need them. Finally, you can use excess currency to buy the remaining furniture or exchange it for Macarons.

Characters with Events bonuses:

25% Drop Up

Reisa,Kazusa,Tsurugi (Swimsuit),Airi,Mashiro


As for the next shop/event currency, we have Macarons. The priorities for this shop are similar to the previous, you will want to buy out both the Tech Notes from both schools. Then consider grabbing Enhancement Stones and Artifacts as needed. Since there is no currency to exchange, you can spend excess Macarons on Furniture or Credits.

Characters with Events bonuses:

25% Drop Up

Natsu,Tsurugi,Hasumi,Mari,Moe,Mashiro (Swimsuit)

Sweets Coupon and Wafer Rolls

As for Sweets Coupons, there isn’t a shop for this currency but instead, it is used to roll on boxes to obtain Wafer Rolls. Prioritize buying out the Pyroxenes since it is the premium currency used for pulls, followed by Eligma and Secret Tech Notes since they can be hard to come by. Lastly, consider picking up the Natsu Elephs if you have her since this event will not have enough Elephs to unlock her.

Characters with Events bonuses

20% Drop Up


Supply Box

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