Sweet Secrets Shoutout Challenge Stage 5

Video Showcase

General Strategy

This stage is similar to stage 3, in which it will split your team into 2 sides. But unlike stage 3, enemies have different armor types Heavy on the left and Special on the right. There is also a boss that has to be dealt with on the right side, which requires you to bring a Single-Target damage dealer. There aren't any real strategies or gimmicks you can play around here, as it mostly comes down to team building. 

Team Building

When team building for stage 5, it is important to keep in mind that you do not need 2 tanks. Since the right side will have a tank by default, this allows you to bring an additional Mystic Single-Target damage dealer or Mika to deal with the boss. However, we recommend bringing a healer, in case your team needs healing or the extra tank is KO’d.

Character Recommendation

Note that characters listed here are only some of the viable options

Mystic AoE

Haruna,Chise,Iroha,Koyuki,Mutsuki (New Year),Aris,Shiroko (Cycling)

Mystic Single-Target

Haruna,Izuna (Swimsuit),Azusa (Swimsuit),Michiru,Kaho,Aris,Hasumi (Track),Wakamo

Piercing AoE

Nonomi,Junko,Momoi,Midori,Cherino,Aru (New Year),Iori

General Supports

Fuuka (New Year),Kotama,Himari,Ako,Shizuko (Swimsuit),Hoshino (Swimsuit),Ui


Serina,Nodoka (Hot Spring),Koharu,Mari (Track),Kokona



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