The Ark of Atrahasis Conquest Guide



This event directly follows up on the boss raids from the earlier parts of the Final Volume of Blue Archive, but the event this time is Conquest mode.

This will be the second time that Conquest will be used for an event. Veteran Senseis may still remember the first one, which is Momoyodou! The Momoyodou Beach House Franchise Plan! The mechanics for the Conquest event are largely similar to the first: Conquer as many tiles as you can and get free goodies along the way. There is an interesting twist for this Conquest though, as Erosion is introduced as a new mechanic where enemies can steal your tiles. More on that later.


Tile Occupation

To progress through the event, you will be required to occupy tiles throughout the map. You can only occupy tiles adjacent to the ones you own, so keep this in mind when planning a route.

There are three types of tiles in the map:

General tiles: Simply put, tiles that let you advance forward. They have no enemies and offer nothing more other than additional credits when you claim settlement. They cost 10 AP to occupy.

Battle tiles: These tiles are occupied by enemies. You will need to defeat them to be able to advance. They cost 15 AP to occupy.

Base tiles: These tiles are occupied by enemies. Defeating them lets you analyze the base tile to obtain event currency and other upgrade materials for your students. Note that you will need to get 3 stars in the stage to be able to analyze the tiles. If you are unable to obtain 3 stars, you can still attack or advance towards adjacent tiles, but you cannot analyze the base tile. They cost 20 AP to occupy.


There are many enemies to fight in this event. Early on, what should be prioritized is making it to the last few areas as fast as possible, therefore one should pick their fights carefully.

It is also important to note that all enemies of a specific number will need to be eliminated first before the boss becomes available to fight.

As an example, to gain access to the boss with the number 1 attached to it, every other enemy with 1 attached to them in the map will need to be defeated first.


Base tiles will be your best friend in getting the event currency, Multi-Dimensional Computational Unit, Dimension Engine Part, and Space Choco-Burger. The event currency lets you get some nice items on the event shop, such as Trinity Blu-Rays and Tech Notes, but make sure to focus on spending it on gate passes first (3 in total, 1 for each currency) to gain access to the other areas early.

Base tiles also get a buff in the amount of currency they give out according to the number of students in a certain school you have assigned to it, so keep an eye out for which school is being asked of you for the bonuses.

You are allowed to borrow a Club and Friend students to assist in analyzing bases for the bonus without rental fees. You are also allowed to switch out your students if you need them to analyze a different base elsewhere. This can be done 20 times per day. You can also borrow Club and Friend students in battle to assist you, but these ones will have rental fees attached to them.

In addition, assigning students to bases does not make them inaccessible for battles, so feel free to assign anyone and everyone.

Finally, base tiles can also be upgraded up to level 3, but do note that the only thing you will get out of it is elephs and bonus credits for when you claim your occupational reward. Event currency is used to upgrade these tiles too, so it may be best saved upgrading for later after you've made it to area 4.

Occupation reward

For every 500 AP spent, boxes will appear all over your conquered tiles. These boxes can be claimed to give you bonus credits.

These boxes don't have to be claimed immediately, so if you can help it, you can ignore them unless you need to do something like analyze bases for event currency.

Supply box

Each area has a hidden supply box on a random general tile. If you find it, you can grab it to give yourself bonus pyroxenes.


Isolated Erosion

A new major mechanic is introduced with erosion where enemies start taking tiles away from you, thus reducing your overall credit gain when tapping the boxes when you use enough AP to obtain the occupation rewards.

You will easily be able to tell which tiles are eroded simply by looking at the color. Red tiles are what you'll be looking for.

To remove the erosion, you will need to fight some enemies on the eroded tiles. There are two ways to go about it.

  • Analysis Unit: The students that you have already set on a certain base for analysus bonuses will be the fighters. They cannot be changed. To compensate, this will not cost AP.

  • Emergency Analysis Unit: You can choose any student you want that best fits the battlefield to put in a team. You can even include the students assigned in the original Analysis Unit, if any. This will cost you some AP.

It is important to remove erosions as soon as possible to maximize credit gain. Plus, removing erosions grant rewards such as pyroxenes.

Coordinated Erosion

Unlike Isolated Erosions, Coordinated Erosions are area-wide erosion effects that will affect all base and battle tiles in an area. They will only happen after a certain amount of AP is spent and a certain amount of time has passed.

Optimal Route

Here is the optimal route to take to reach the boss of an area while also capturing any important bases along the way. Base nodes for farming along the optimal route will be encircled with a number with the event currency found indicated below.

1: Multi-Dimensional Computational Unit, Dimension Engine Part

2: Multi-Dimensional Computational Unit, Space Choco-Burger

3: Dimension Engine Part, Space Choco-Burger


  • As was the case with the previous Conquest event, you will want to rush to Area 3 or 4 of the map as fast as you can as the later areas provide the best efficiency for event currency. This means farming for the required event currency early on to buy the Gate Unlock Code for each area. Make sure you don't overshoot the amount of currency farmed early on and only get as much as you need to advance to the next area.
  • To maximize the amount of Credits you can get, don't farm event currency and spend it on items on the event shop when you reach area 4 yet. Instead, start by claiming all the tiles from Area 4 first, and then going down to 3, 2, and then 1. Then upgrade the base tiles to level 3, again starting from Area 4, then 3, then 2, and finally 1. This is because the later areas give more credits per tile obtained. Once you've finished all of this, that's when it is a good idea to spend your event currency on buying important event items that you may need.
  • You can gain a total of 4 Eligmas per fully upgraded (Level 3) base tile. You can gain a total of 116 Eligma total from fully upgrading every base tile in the game, as there are a total of 2 base tiles.

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