Tier List Update – August 1 2023

When the Tier List was first made in March of 2023, we were not able to include all the characters in JP. Therefore, we have decided to add previously missed characters and upcoming characters up to S.Saki.

We are aware that there are still issues with the Tier List and are doing our best to iron them out.

New Additions

These are the list of new characters that we have added to the tier list or characters that have N/A on most of their scores, as we didn't know enough about their use case.

Listed below will be a list of characters that have been added to the tier list and a brief overview of their kit or use case.


Haruna (New year)

A strong Explosive damage dealer that can be used in both Single Target and AoE content. She can also be used in high DEF raids, such as Binah, for her DEF down.


Izumi's skill set may seem randomly put together. However, she is still a decent auto attacker you can slap into any team. She can deal a decent amount of damage when her Basic Skill procs.


She fills the same role as Akane, being able to apply DEF down to a target. Additionally, she also has Focus Fire built into her EX Skill which makes her a great pick-up for Goz.


Mainly used to apply Focus Fire for Goz. Other than that, she is a generic Single Target Auto Attacker.

Junko (New Year)

New Year Junko is a Welfare character that was given out during an event and can generally be used as a generic Mystic AoE damage dealer. If you have access to alternatives such as Chise or Haruna, feel free to not invest into her.


Mine is a tank that can be used as a generalist in Extreme and below. She performs well in certain raids, such as Binah for her DEF down and gather+taunt EX Skill for Kaiten. However, in Insane, it is important to note which damage type the enemy has to avoid her from getting melted.

Serina (Christmas)

A generally strong choice when running multi-core/DPS teams or when a fight will last long. Unfortunately, fights are usually over quickly in Extreme and below, but this should not be an issue in Insane and Torment raids.


Toki is an overall strong Single Target damage dealer that can keep up with most other ST Explosive damage dealers. Note that her AoE is not wide enough to be used in AoE content.

Toki (Bunny)

Can be used similarly to S.Izuna as a Crit DMG RES debuff on her auto attacks. Additionally, her EX Skill is similar to Shiroko in that it can break Kaiten Phase 2 shield at a low cost.


Has an all-in-one kit, has a Taunt, which allows you to apply Crowd Control when needed. Paired with a DEF down for high DEF targets, all while dealing a respectable amount of damage with her EX Skill. In Addition to all this, she also has cleanse and self regen effects that can come in handy in Perorodzilla.

Note that while she may cover a wide variety of niches, she is not the best in any of them.


Rumi being a Striker healer, makes her a great pickup on its own. Unlike most other Striker healers, she can cleanse debuffs with her EX Skill, which can make her a decent option against Perorodzilla.


Seems to have mainly been designed around the new raid Gregorius mainly in part to the amount of debuffs she can apply.

Miyako (Swimsuit)

An overall decent evasion tank that can serve as a general-purpose tank; what sets her apart is her ability to apply Crit DMG RES debuff at a low cost. Allowing you to rotate through your skills quickly.

Saki (Swimsuit)

Seems to have mainly been designed around the new raid Gregorius mainly in part to the amount of debuffs she can apply. She can also be used in other raids, such as Binah (Extreme), for her DEF down.


Nothing special about her kit; she's just another Single Target Mystic Damage Dealer; you can prioritize either her Basic or Sub skill followed by her Enhanced. Her main gimmick Meikyo Shisui is tied to her Basic Skill, which requires 50 seconds to activate.

Aris (Maid)

An extremely strong Mystic Auto Attacker who has found usage in both Goz and ShiroKuro, her high stat line and damage multipliers allow her to reach high amounts of damage.


Another generic AoE Mystic DPS with a weird gimmick that randomizes her EX Skill effect. This isn't a demerit, so this shouldn't be a major factor on how she's used.

Kayoko (New Year)

A strong support for Mystic damage dealers with a low cost and with a long duration EX Skill. She applies Mystic Effectiveness up on her EX Skill which can be used on 2 students due to its long duration. Currently, there is no other Mystic support that can offer the same buffs as her, making her extremely valuable.



Similar to Wakamo, she deals damage by accumulating allies' damage dealt within its duration. This alone is a strong effect, but she can also be used as an ATK stat stick in Piercing teams.


Nagisa is a top choice for all Light armor raids Kaiten, Hieronymus, and Gregorius. Upon using her EX Skill, it will apply a large DEF debuff before dealing damage. This is important as it can help her personal damage output. In addition to this, she buffs the Crit DMG of all Explosive students.

Haruka (New Year)

Specializes in decreasing enemies' Crit RES and Crit DMG RES for a long duration. This can come in handy in certain raids that have high Crit RES, such as HOD or Goz. Other than that, she is a solid pick for most raids due to her Cost Recovery sub-skill.


When she was first released, she did not have a niche to fill for any of the current raids. However, with the release of Gregorius requiring high amounts of AoE damage Minori has become a strong option for that raid.

Miyu (Swimsuit)

A welfare character that was given out during one of the recent summer events in JP, she is generally a decent AoE damage dealer that deals guaranteed Crit DMG when using her EX Skill. Outside of this, she provides the entire team with a Crit DMG buff.

Yuzu (Maid)

A solid pick if you need AoE Explosive damage. Outside of this, she can be used as an ATK stat stick, and considering she is farmable via an event, this shouldn't be an issue.

Rating Update

These were characters that we have misevaluated due to not knowing enough about their use case in their specific raid.

Striker (Insane)


ShiroKuro 8 🡺 9
While Aris is mainly used for AoE raids such as Perorodzilla, she still performs well in Single Target raids such as ShiroKuro with enough investment. She has, unfortunately, been overshadowed by better Mystic Single Target damage dealers.


Perorodzilla 9 🡺 9.5
A potent AoE Mystic DPS, which is accessible to all players, really wants UE40 to unlock her Enhanced+ upgrade.

Chise (Swimsuit)

Perorodzilla 7 🡺 8
Has decent AoE damage with a Crowd Control gimmick. Unfortunately, none of the current Mystic raids require a long-duration CC.


Kaiten 9 🡺 9.5
Performs a similar role to Haruka as a tank for Kaiten. What makes her unique is her ability to self-heal with her EX Skill, allowing you to free up a special slot.


Kaiten 9 🡺 9.5
Performs a similar role to Eimi as a tank for Kaiten; she’s overall much tanker with her absurd HP pool and overall DEF stat with all her Basic and Sub Skill active.

Hasumi (Track)

Perorodzilla 0 🡺 9
We originally disregarded her due to the armor disadvantage she has in Perorodzilla, making it hard for her to survive the transition laser. But if you are willing to work around that or accept that she will be defeated during the transition phase, T.Hasumi is a strong Single Target option for shiny hunters.


ShiroKuro 8 🡺 9
Has seen some usage in Phase 2 to block cups for safespot.


ShiroKuro 1 🡺 8 || Perorodzilla 8 🡺 10
When we first made this tier list, we failed to take into account Hinata’s Bond Item, which provides her with the much-needed ATK boost required for her to deal damage. However, if you do not have access to her Bond Item, the previous ratings still apply.

Junko (New Year)

Perorodzilla N/A 🡺 8
Not much to say here; if you have no one else, then she can be a decent Mystic AoE substitute.


Chesed 10 🡺 9.5
Will be seeing a lot less usage in HOD with the release of Mika. Maki is still a decent Single target damage dealer: if you happen to miss Mika’s banner or do not have someone you can borrow Mika.


Perorodzilla 6 🡺 9
A strong Single Target DPS that can be used as a Shiny Hunter with you are willing to work around her EX Skill.


ShiroKuro and Perorodzilla N/A 🡺 9.5
At the time of when the first tier list was made, there was not enough time to test her in Special armor raids. However, she has proven to be an extremely strong Single Target damage dealer in both Heavy and Special armor raids.


Perorodzilla N/A 🡺 8 || Kaiten N/A 🡺 9.5
Can be used in Kaiten Phase 1 to taunt and gather all enemies for an AoE attack. She mainly shines in Gregorius due to the amount of debuffs she can apply.

Serina (Christmas)

Perorodzilla 0 🡺 10
A very solid choice for high-difficulty raids (Insane+) as those types of raids will last long and give her ample time to stack her buffs. She is also a strong pick in multi-core teams, as her buffs affect multiple allies.

Shiroko (Cycling)

ShiroKuro 9 🡺 7
During the early stages of the game, Shiroko (Cycling) was a decent option for Single Target Auto Attackers. While this still holds true, with the release of much better Mystic damage dealers, she struggled to keep up. She still has the niche of applying an ATK debuff on enemies, which can come in handy in Insane+.

Utaha (Cheer Squad)

ShiroKuro 10 🡺 9.5
While Utaha (Cheer Squad) is a strong Single Target damage dealer that can perform the same role as Izuna. She is unfortunately unable to reposition by herself and has a slightly worse armor match-up than Izuna.

Special (Insane)

Akane (Bunny)

ShiroKuro 9.5 🡺 10
Akane Bunny is still a strong Mystic Buffer that has found usage in high-end teams. She also deals a decent amount of damage.

Ayane (Swimsuit)

HOD 0 🡺 9
Was mainly used for Binah for her ability to ignore DEF when she attacks. However, we failed to take into account that she is still a decent damage dealer outside of that raid.


Hieronymus 7 🡺 8
Can be clunky to work around since if you plan on using her EX Skill to heal the lantern, you can end up repositioning your entire team. However, she can still be a decent choice if you lack Special healers.


Kaiten 8 🡺 9


Binah 0 🡺 9
While you generally want to use her in an Arius team to get the most out of her DEF debuff, she can act as another source of DEF down if you do not have better alternatives.


ShiroKuro 0 🡺 8
Since shields are more valuable than healing in ShiroKuro, Kaede can find some usage in that raid.


Binah 9 🡺 9.5


Perorodzilla 9 🡺 9.5
Has found usage in teams that do not have access to a tank that can cleanse, such as Natsu or Reisa.

Nodoka (Hot Spring)

Kaiten 9.5 🡺 10
Provides a high amount of healing over time which can come in handy if you are having issues with your survivability. In addition to this, Nodaka (Hot Spring) can be used to reposition the Kaitengers to a location where multiple of them can be targeted by an AoE attack.


Hieronymus 9.5 🡺 10
Serina is still a top choice for a healer that allows you to reposition students when needed. She also provides cost-free healing, which can come in handy for healing the Lantern.

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