Binah Insane Overview

Max HP: 7,000,000Crit DMG: 200%
ATK: 20,000Crit DMG RES: 80%
DEF: 5,000Stability: 300
Healing: 8,000Range: 3,000
Accuracy: 1,300Defense Piercing: 0
Evasion: 100Incoming DMG RES: 0%
Crit: 200Groggy Gauge: 2,100,000
Crit RES: 20Groggy Duration: 10s
Atsilut's Light

Deals 120% damage to enemies in a straight line.
Fires of Severity
Deals 400% damage to 4 enemies.
Purifying Storm
Deals 300% damage to all enemies and decreases their DEF by 50% for 30s.
Heavy Sandstorm
Decreases all enemies' Accuracy by 20% and Stability by 50%. This debuff cannot be removed.


Similar to its Extreme counterpart, it still boasts a high DEF stat and is still a straightforward boss with not much for you to interact with. However, there have been some changes to its passives, and now has a fixed attack pattern depending on its phases and if the groggy bar is not filled. The first and most important being is that Binah now deals Piercing damage, which makes it difficult to bring Heavy armored students without having to protect them for the fight. 

In addition to this, Insane introduces a permanent passive skill, Heavy Sandstorm, which decreases the Accuracy and Stability of all students, including specials. While the Accuracy debuff shouldn't be something to be too concerned with, as it only has 100 EVA. The Stability debuff, on the other hand, adds more RNG to the fight by increasing damage variance

Phase 1

Phase 1 pattern: Laser > Laser > Missile

Note that this pattern only stays the same IF there has been no interruption such as a phase change. If a new team enters the same pattern will be followed.

Phase 2

Phase 2 pattern: Laser > Laser > Missile > Laser > Laser > Sandstorm

Note that this pattern only stays the same IF there has been no interruption such as a phase change. If a new team enters the same pattern will be followed.

Phase 3

Phase 3 pattern: Laser > Sandstorm > Laser > Missile > Sandstorm

Note that this pattern only stays the same IF there has been no interruption such as a phase change. If a new team enters the same pattern will be followed.

General Mindset

Binah is a straightforward raid with the least player interaction. While this may be a good thing for newer players as they do not have to worry too much about mechanics, this also means there is not a lot you can do to play around Binah’s attacks. 

However, there is a certain flow or order you want to use your skills on the boss to make the most out of your damage. You will want to first use a DEF Shred EX Skill and wait for the Basic Skill to activate if you have a DEF Shred on those skills. After this, you can then deal damage with your DPS after buffing them. Other than this, heal and shield your students as you see fit. (Note that this is a simplified flow of a rotation, and there are different ways to rotate through your skills.)


As Binah was the first raid to be released, it is an extremely simple raid. There aren’t a lot of things you can do to play around its mechanics. This raid just mainly comes down to a DPS race and building your team. More about this will be discussed in the team building section. 

If you can deal enough damage to Binah, it is possible to skip phases completely, skipping the walking animation during the transition from phase 1 to 2. 

As mentioned previously, Binah now has fixed attack patterns which allow you to time the groggy bar to stun the boss during key attacks such as missiles.

Team Building 

Team building for Binah will be extremely important as if you do not have the right roles filled in a team, you may have damage issues. Generally, the core roles to bring to this raid are DEF Shredder and a damage dealer. Students such as Maki are a staple for this raid as she can do great Auto Attack damage while applying a DEF Shred debuff with her Basic Skill. Unlike Extreme, Heavy armored students are now usually off the table due to Binah’s damage type. They, however, can be brought to this raid if you are willing to protect them from certain mechanics, such as missiles and sandstorms. The position of which you place your students when team building will also be important, as there are cases where the laser may hit more than 1 student.

You can bring more than 1 DEF Shred in a team, but note that DEF debuffs from the same type of skill do not stack. An example would be Noa + Akane don't stack since both of their DEF down comes from their EX Skills; they override each other. The same applies to Azusa + Maki as they apply their DEF debuff on Basic Skills. While Akane + Maki stack since the DEF down would come from two different skill types: EX Skill and Basic Skill. 

Below, we have listed some notable options you can bring to Binah, Note that these are only some of the viable picks for this raid, and there are other alternatives available. Heavy armored tanks will no longer be recommended as it will be hard to keep them alive.

DEF Shred

Akane,Noa,Maki,Azusa (Swimsuit),Hiyori,Azusa

Damage Dealers



Tsubaki,Eimi,Haruka,Atsuko,Hoshino (Swimsuit),Yuuka (Track)


Serina.Nodoka (Hot Spring),Hanae,Shizuko (Swimsuit)


Ako,Ui,Himari,Fuuka (New Year),Cherino,Izuna (Swimsuit),Kotama,Karin,Kanna

Video Showcase

Credits to adipose9#9276

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